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FFWPU Kazakhstan: This month we decided to focus on reading Divine Principle lectures, as a Jeong Seong condition. Every day, in the Peace Embassy of Almaty, from 9 am till 6 pm, one by one, we were giving lectures at the 1-day and 2- days DP seminar to the spiritual world. A lot of us received a reviving spiritual experience.  Once more, we were convinced of the DP power.

We had two 2-days DP seminars attended by eight participants, two of them were newcomers, and six wanted to refresh their knowledge of DP and were in general more active.

We organized a club for sisters. This month we were learning handcraft. Already during 6 years our elder sister Larisa Lee has been running a handcraft club. Among the participants,  there  are  20  elderly  women.  We attended their classes every Saturday. It was a pleasure for us to communicate with the elder generation. They introduced to us a young boy, their volunteer. He is attending our clubs and educational lectures now.

We continue visiting the Holy Ground. We are trying to adapt our Sunday family meetings and Sunday Services for the second generation. Our project “Run for Peace” is becoming more and more popular. We run every Tuesday and Saturday.

We continue with our educational clubs; at the meetings, we convey DP to people by simple lectures, and tell them about True Parents.

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