On February 2,2015, Director General, FFWPU International, Rev. Sun Jin Moon Spoke to members at the Hoon Dok Hwe which was a Victory Celebration for the  success of the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival which was held on February 1, in the Philippines



Good morning Brothers and sisters! Mabuhay!

It was a true honor to witness and celebrate with all of you these glorious events of the Interfaith Peace Blessing and the Asian Summit 2015. I can feel the seeds of joy blossoming and love radiating from the Philippines on this blessed new morning. A feeling of infinite hope for a prosperous future and sincere gratitude flowed over me this morning as I looked out my window into the heavens. I could feel the happiness and delight of our Heavenly Parent and True Father in the spirit world.

I am eager to return home and give True Mother a big hug and an ecstatic cheer of victory, “Sung li.” After all, it is due to her amazing life that I am able to be here and meet all of you! I am also over-joyed to congratulate FFWPU, UPF, and each and every Blessed family member all over the globe for their support and contribution to this noble quest for peace, prosperity, and True love for all families in this region and beyond.

Yesterday we were privileged to attend the unforgettable Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival and bring True Parents speech and benediction to our Asia Region. I pray that you all may harvest abundant fruits and sustainably replant this amazing gift of life among all peoples in your tribes, nations and world.

As we learned from True Parent’s life course and teaching, the Blessing is the most momentous and singular event that our Heavenly Parent have been painfully waiting for since the beginning of time. As we sincerely study and become enlightened through the analysis of our holy texts, a clear understanding emerges of how Heavenly Parent has been reaching out with unconditional love and hopes to reunite with every child ever brought to life.

Everything in our natural world points to an origin of all life. Whether it is the Big Bang or the Garden of Eden, it is undeniable that all life is a manifestation of a Heavenly parent or creator for all life. Every religious tradition has a genesis narrative, and we also find a common thread woven into each sacred tradition that describes a separation of humanity from the true parent or true origin, and the existence of a false parent by a force of division. This disconnect is the constant theme and premise for the sorrowful fate of man, women, and families. This is the loss or the fall from the absolute love and harmony with our heavenly parent that has led to our descent into the darkness and ignorance we witness today.

When we look out into the world each person’s original mind is stimulated. Somewhere deep in each person’s heart is a yearning for a more eternally loving joyful world. It is no wonder that we are all nourished and inspired by the lasting role of religion in human history. However, even though every part of the globe has witnessed and been moved to higher consciousness by a benevolent savior, guru or a saint, we are still in the dark. We have witnessed in our common human history an endless battle between good and evil, between saints and sinners, the right and the wrong, a series of polar opposites that lead to more division and unbalance.

Given this reality, and despite the existence of all these glorious paths and truths, we should ask why are we are still at odds, at war, and find imbalance at every level, be it racism, sexism, social, religious, economic injustice, or abuse of power in all corners of human industry and rule.

If there is a Heavenly Parent then why is our natural world slowly dying? Why isn’t our heavenly parent saving us, even if we live pious lives? I have hope, faith and believed; yet I am still deceived and defeated.

In Divine Principle, we learn that we each have our own individual responsibility, our 5%. This is the foundation of building a peaceful world. When each individual lives a life of higher consciousness, starting with creating harmony in ones own mind, spirit, and body, then lasting change can become a reality.

This is probably the most difficult challenge a person can undertake, to strive to become our Heavenly Parent true reflection. Before True Parents we never even had an outline or a glimmer of what the perfected son and daughter of our Heavenly Parent may be like. What a miracle that we are alive at this moment to have True Parents in our lives and their teachings imprinted on our minds.

Every moment we are living with the miracle and blessing of true love and true joy! When True Mother spoke to members recently she said we should be a joyful, happy, peace-loving, and grateful beings. She explained that these virtues are the keys to realizing individual perfection. I love True Mothers speeches. In just a few words like a haiku poem she can highlight the secrets of success. No one ever in the existence of the universe has walked and completed what for millennia evaded human effort.

The counterpart to the savior, our True Father, is the amazing legacy of grace and love our True Mother completed. When we ponder why our 5% is so difficult to complete, then one should also imagine the path of the ones who are doing the other 95%? That 95% is our True Parents; I hope you pray and meditate on this in your daily practice and that your path towards completing your 5% can be realized.

This, brothers and sisters, is what we witnessed yesterday. This reality is what fills the pages of our holy texts with the clear path and truth that True Parents have indemnified with their eternal lives to grace us with such salvation.

In our tradition we equate our 5% with completing our own individual responsibility, or achieving perfection. Can those who have perfected this 5% please raise their hands? To the ones holding their hands up I offer full bow and hope you can teach us the way, Namaste. But the majority of us will continue to struggle on a daily basis to achieve this ideal.

We know the struggle to fulfill our personal 5% is not automatically perfected just because you believe in the Principle. If only it were so simple. This is why True Parents have continually taught the word and shown the way on the path towards individual perfection, for they are the masters who not only completed their own path, but took the responsibility for all of human history, and have given grace, forgiveness, love, unity and hope to each member who faltered. This is True Mother’s essential message presented on the second anniversary True Father’s sunghwa.

As a benevolent and unconditionally loving parent, the FLU; forgive, love, and unite message is the key to individual, familial, tribal, national and worldwide unity and salvation. It is the core of our movement’s spirit to live a sincere life of love, and to compassionately practice living for the sake of others. In True Father’s last words he professed that he has completed everything. He also crowned our True Mother as his completed and perfected equal on countless occasions.

When we study Divine Principle, everything is illuminated, and one cannot deny True Parents as the unified model that shows us the true path of restoration. It is only from this holy union that it becomes possible for all life to come to resemble our Heavenly Parent.

I have the honor of serving our True Mother. Every day she whole-heartedly fulfills her mission to liberate and restore balance to the world and to pay for our inability to fulfill our 5%. It brings me to tears as I witness the physical difficulties she overcomes in order to clean up and finish what we all as her children have yet to do. This is the true heart of a mother who lives each day for the welfare of her worldwide family. She continually forgives, hopes, and carries the cross, doing all she can to keep the door open so that all her children can be saved. This is our holy mother who has completed her 95% and carries our 5% too. Abogi, omoni, jeasong ham nida! In Korean means father, mother I am sorry.

Before forgiveness can be granted one must humbly atone for their actions. Otherwise no sincere change is possible. I apologize everyday to True Parents and acknowledge my inadequacy; I know that I am not enough. But it is True Mother who encourages and unconditionally believes in and loves me. That is why I have the courage to go on. This same love and encouragement she has asked me to share with you, so that we as one family under out Heavenly Parent and True Parents can be victorious.

If you face difficulty on your path please know that True Parents unconditionally love you and are with you. Parental love is eternal, unchanging and absolute. Imagine True Parents path to restore, indemnify, and return all things back to our Heavenly Parent. We should gratefully stand on the hallowed completed foundation that True Parents have secured, as true sons and daughters of our Heavenly Parent.

I have faith that members in the Asia Region will set the standard of victory for our worldwide movement! Let us all vow to complete our 5% and liberate our True Parents! AJU!

As outlined in Divine Principle, our 3 blessings are, be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over creation. From the holy Blessing moment we are sanctified individuals committed to honoring the vow of true love and purity to our spouse. Through a perfected union we grow to bear ripe glorious fruit, the legacy of our united eternal love. We then nurture the growth of our precious children, who must also grow with the same perfected 5% responsibility to create a lasting legacy of healthy, abundant, perfected fruit trees. When we have given birth to this restored orchard, we then have the honor and responsibility to sustain and live in complete harmony with all living things that pollenate, water, purify, and give light and sustenance to our holy garden. This is the complete road map to creating the kingdom of heaven on earth, our Cheon il guk.

But if we look at the world today, where is our holy garden? If you live on this planet, you have witnessed and may have directly experienced the instability of our earth today. True Mother has stressed this reality in our Hawaii Aloha workshop to our blessed second and third generations. We are “blessed pure water” and need to be the advocates for a silent suffering planet, the manifested body of our Heavenly Parent. If there is no earth, there can be no fruit, no perfected legacy, no dominion over creation; our life and families will cease to be if we do not sustain and restore balance to our planet. Climate change is real; we have felt the devastation of our oceans rising, our polar ice caps dissolving due to the greenhouse effect, our seasons gravely fluctuate and having disastrous effects on our global climate and storm systems, our oceans and skies are becoming acidified and polluted, where they can no longer can balance and sustain life. The coral reefs and the minutest forms of life are dying out and larger species are being lost forever.

If we imagine the earth as Heavenly Parent’s physical body, then the ocean is Heavenly Parent’s circulatory system. It is the lifeblood of this planet. If we think of the air and ozone, each breath we take, it is the pulmonary or lung function of our Heavenly Parent. If we stand on the earth, the bones and flesh of our Heavenly Parent’s body are holding us up. The sun is Heavenly Parent’s fuel and fire that metabolizes and creates all life. We must honor every natural and living being as if we are attending our Heavenly Parent.

We should be the stewards to protect, nurture, and preserve this blessing for all generations of life to come. If we know principle we should spend each moment to awaken our worldwide family to collectively share this vision of peace and prosperity for all.

Yet we are stuck in this cycle of war over resources and patenting the life on this planet. We hear the anxious voices fearing the end of days, building their bunkers to survive the apocalypse. We live each day seeing so much pain, suffering, cruelty, greed, and sadness. But we are only blind and filled with fear because we do not fully understand our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

If we are a peace-loving movement it is paramount that we delve deep into our faith and beliefs. We will realize that we still have much to learn and much to do. As we made a glorious stride toward realizing this dream yesterday, we should keep our focus and determination going forward until we succeed in realizing vision 2020 of blessing for all. For all of you here who are Blessed and awakened to the truth, let us work together and support all of our family members so that we can realize this vision. We have True Parents and Heavenly Parent leading the way, and unconditionally loving and raising us to victory! As long as we have life, we have the power to change the world. So let us pledge our devotion and energies to realize this dream. May Heavenly Parent bless each and every precious family member here today! AJU!

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