40-fa (1)FFWPU Russia: Mr. Nikolay Rzhevsky successfully fulfilled a 40-day fasting condition. He began this condition on February 2nd and finished on March 13, 2015. Here he shares his experiences during this condition:

I was inspired by the idea of 40 days fasting. I wanted to be successful in my mission. I said that I want to make this condition because I find forces inside me.


40-fa (2)

Goals for this condition:

  • For God to come on earth and work with us.
  • For True Parents’ health and unity
  • For Hyeong Jin Nim to be united with True Mother.
  • For development in Northeast Continent and Russia.
  • For Unity in his family, and his mind and body.
  • For success in his work as an artist.

Fasting was very challenging and painful and Nikolay had to fight internally every day. He says: “… Often I lacked gratitude. The most difficult was to love pain. I tried to pray but it was difficult to overcome. The pain was so huge. I couldn’t take it in my heart. I prayed no to complain till the end of condition. I asked God about it and He helped me. Of course I couldn’t love pain completely. But at least I didn’t complain to God, such as why should I have this, … because of what? and so on.

…. 40 days without food is very serious experince. I was afraid of death. But I was confident in God because I asked God to give me strength. Even at the moment of death, I didn’t want to be afraid. I realized the importance of such moment. True Father said that you cannot build relationships with God if you are afraid of death.

Gaining power through listening to the words from Cheon Seong Gyeong was the strongest spiritual experience. “After 30th day, when I couldn’t do anything, I was just lying in the bed and listening to the Cheon Seong Gyeong. Specially at night, from midnight till 6 a.m. During this time hunger pain was reducing, and special grace was coming, the mind was clear. And I was enjoying listening to the words. I felt better and I could hear a very special words of True Father.

… around the end of this 40-day condition, I felt special Divine force of God and True Parents that supported me. In the last days of fasting I felt not so good physically. I was weak, dizzy… almost fainting. In the other hand, I felt that there is a force that supports me, a force that don’t let me fall down internally and externally. Of course I couldn’t see this force, but I could feel it…

In the last day the force showed itself. It was invisible, elusive, unobtrusive, in the other hand it was mighty and attentive to me. It was one of the most important experiences in my life. I realized that everything is due to God and True Parents. Finally the fasting condition ended without any problems.

During the fasting he had many spiritual visions, but the most powerful was when he finished the condition. As Nikolay himself shares, he wanted to express his pain that’s why he drew the picture (see below). However, if you look on it you don’t feel pain, you feel very strong spirit. He found his style.

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