Keynote Address

International President of FFWPU, Sun Jin Moon

Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center, on

7. 20 by the heavenly calendar in the 3rd year of Cheon Il Guk (September 2, 2015)

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Good Morning, Anneonghaseyo, Ohayo Gozaimasu, Namaste.

Respected and beloved brothers and sisters!

It is a tremendous honor to speak to with you today to launch this Special Assembly of Cheon Il Guk Leaders. I want to begin by offering my deepest gratitude and eternal love to our beloved True Father. True Father, together with True Mother, continues to guide us, inspire us, and move our hearts on the path to victory. As we honor True Father’s life and legacy on the occasion of the 3rd Seonghwa Memorial Ceremony, we also honor our True Mother, acknowledging her consummate love, care, commitment, dedication, understanding, and deep connection to True Father. They are absolutely one! They are our one and only True Parents! Aju?


As we now proceed towards Foundation Day 2016, let us determine during this Special Assembly to become the filial sons and daughters that True Parents will be proud of, and let us become the leaders the world needs, as we work to fulfill the ideal of Cheon Il Guk, one family under God, with absolute True Love, faith and obedience.

My dear brothers and sisters from around the world, I am deeply grateful to all of you for your great investment and care in preparing for all the events that took place during the past week and for all the devotion, prayers, sincerity, and love you’ve offered to True Father. Thank you.


Gratitude and love for True Mother

As we know there can be no children on earth without parents. Likewise there would be no Blessed Central Families without True Father and True Mother having fulfilled their providential mission as a unified couple, our beloved True Parents.

True Mother has not only been the champion of true love, standing side by side with True Father for 52 years, but also, a pillar of strength, courage, wisdom, faith and determination during these past three years since True Father’s ascension. Let us offer True Mother our sincerest gratitude and unconditional love! True Parents are our heroes! They have overcome bitter challenges, indemnifying all of human history, overcoming unceasing opposition, and persevering through every imaginable form of suffering in order to liberate Heavenly Parent’s heart and to firmly establish the root and foundation for humankind to receive Heavenly Parent’s blessing of true love, life, and lineage.

During these past three years since True Father’s Ascension, True Mother has carried the unimaginable burden and responsibility of God’s providence with many new trials and tribulations to face and overcome. Over the course of these past three years I have attended our True Mother and witnessed her lifestyle on a daily basis, as she tirelessly offered every waking moment to honor True Father, and to substantiate all of Heavenly Parent’s original will for humankind. I was constantly concerned for her well-being as she overcame every physical and spiritual hardship in order to lead our movement out of mourning and confusion. Every day I was truly sorry to True Father that I was the only one left here to love and care for True Mother. I always felt so unworthy. I prayed every night that we could unite as one True Family and honor our True Parents. However, many times I was discouraged. True Mother, on the other hand, showed no sorrow and had absolute faith that everyone will do his or her 5% responsibility and return to True Parents. She moved forward with a steadfast and confident determination, toward a clear, unshakable and brilliant future for all of Heavenly Parent’s children. She has continually inspired and invigorated Blessed Central Families and all generations of our movement around the globe with “Vision 2020.”

She poured out her unconditional love and shared her guidance with members around the globe, as she carried out blessings, peace and unification rallies, educational workshops, speaking tours, and humanitarian programs. She has spent every waking moment of her life honoring True Father and serving the world with absolute True Love, obedience, and faith. She has honored True Father unconditionally during these three years, cherishing True Father’s legacy. Moreover, through the museum project (Cheonji Sunhak Won), she is determined to immortalize True Father’s, and True Parents’ entire providential course, chronicling every word and relic he ever graced so that future generations will know and be able to experience True Parents’ triumphant achievements and inherit their loving legacy.

Even though, during these many years, some fell away or had doubts about our movement, True Mother stood firm, with absolute True Love, the purest devotion, and Jungsung for our beloved True Father. During every waking moment she prays about the future of our movement and all of you. I am deeply in awe of our True Mother. Consider True Father’s words, from his autobiography, about True Mother’s heart of absolute faith and unconditional love:

Even in the most difficult and unbearable circumstances, my wife never lost her serene smile. She always crossed over life’s most difficult peaks successfully…Be patient and wait. The period when children wander is temporary. No matter what they do, embrace them, love them and wait for them. Children will always return to the love of their parents. (PLGC,201)

To this day she is this portrait of our beautiful smiling True Mother, filled with hope and love for all 7 billion children of the world. Let us all come home to comfort and unite with True Parents, so that their longing and suffering hearts can we healed and filled with love and joy as we return to the ideal as One family under Heavenly Parent. Aju!


Honoring True Father

We must ask ourselves, does our being here standing with True Parents on the occasion of 3rd Anniversary of True Father’s Ascension mean that we have completed our responsibility to honor our True Father and his dreams for all humanity to become one? Of course not. Our portion of responsibility as filial sons and daughters remains to be fulfilled.


For this reason, I want to focus my remarks on three core points that are related to our portion of responsibility, and our attendance to True Father, and True Parents at this time:

  1. Uniting absolutely with and supporting True Mother.
  2. Cultivating and growing True Parents’ legacy of peace, blessing, and love.
  3. Creating success with sustainability of the movement.


Uniting with True Mother

We know that, from his position in the spiritual world, True Father is one with our True Mother. They are eternally bound together in mind, heart and mission. Who do you think knows Father best? You as his disciples? True Children who are his direct offspring? Family members who are linked to True Father by marriage? Who do you think knows Father best? Who is able to lead us as True Father’s closest partner? I can say with certainty that it is not anyone of us. However, I can declare with total confidence that it is True Mother who is closest to True Father and who knows him best. Who knows the deep details and nuances of the providence of restoration and our worldwide movement more than True Mother who stood with True Father, day in and day out? It is only our True Mother. She was prepared for this mission by heaven, and she has led an absolutely victorious life of sacrifice and love, side by side with True Father for 52 years. Given this fact, we can be sure True Mother would never stray from the ideal path forged together by True Parents. Like a true compass that points north, True Mother’s compass always points toward Heavenly Parent and True Father.

Please continue to study and pray about the history and context of True Mother’s life course with True Father. In this way, you will come to a deeper understanding of the truth that True Mother is True Father’s eternal partner and that the position of True Parents cannot be compromised. No one can reject True Mother’s absolutely unified position without undermining the absolute value of True Father’s position. If we reject either parent we negate our own life. We must understand our true origin if we are to become true sons and daughters.

I would like to share a quote about True Mother taken from True Father’s autobiography:

I think you are already aware that marrying me will not be like any other marriage. We are becoming husband and wife to complete the mission given to us by God to become True Parents, and not to pursue the happiness of two individuals, as is the case with other people in this world. God wants to bring about the Kingdom of Heaven on the earth through a true family. You and I will travel a difficult path to become True Parents who will open the gates to the Kingdom of Heaven for others. It is a path that no one else in history has traveled, so even I don’t know all that it will involve. During the next seven years, you will experience many things that will be difficult to endure. Don’t forget, even for a moment, that the life we live is different from others. Don’t do anything, no matter how trivial, without first discussing it with me, and obey everything I tell you.” She responded, “My heart is already set. Please do not worry.” I could see in her expression that she had made a strong determination. – True Father As A Peace Loving Global Citizen

Here is another quote from True Father’s autobiography, also about True Mother:

I have never raised my voice toward my wife. This is not because of my character, but because my wife has never given me cause to do so. Throughout our life together, she has labored to care for me with complete, loving devotion. She is even the one to care for my hair. So this great saint of world affairs is also the best barber in the world. Now that I am old I make many new demands on her, and she always responds. If I ask her to cut my toenails, she will do it cheerfully. My toenails are mine, but I can’t see them very well. She sees them perfectly well, though. It’s a strange thing. The older I become, the more precious my wife is to me.” – True Father As A Peace Loving Global Citizen

These quotes from True Father illustrate True Father’s unchanging love, respect and reverence for True Mother; these words underscore the most fundamental truth of the Principle, namely, that the True Parents are a couple, an absolute union of a man and a woman, harmonized as one as our eternal True Parents, and not just an individual messiah or savior. Knowing this truth, our responsibility is to be filial children to our Heavenly Parent and to our True Parents, with absolute faith, love, and obedience to our True Father AND True Mother.

True Father taught us on countless occasions about how to become filial children. Just as Father and Mother needed each other to fulfill God’s providence, they also needed children, True Children. Not merely biological children, but children of true filial piety. I would like to share a few of True Father’s words on this topic of filial piety:

Then who is the son of filial piety? Even though parents tried to raise their children up with a wholehearted effort, if the children don’t appreciate them, the family will perish. When a reciprocal base is established between the parents and the children, God can dwell in that family and build the Kingdom of Heaven” – True Father Blessing and Ideal Family

We all know the four position foundation. Does that foundation require only a father or only a mother to make a God-centered family? Of course not. Both the father and mother are absolutely essential. Again, I quote True Father:

My mother and father’s lifelines are connected to me, their “love line” is connected to me and their “ideal line” is connected to me. No one can cut this off. Even God cannot cut this off, and the universe also cannot cut this off. To the contrary, all the power of the universe protects this. Thus wherever I go, my parents follow me. My parents always want to be with me, even in the spirit world. Thus it is the greatest sin if you dislike your parents accompanying you. This attitude is destructive of the entire universe. If you dislike the company of your parents, it means you are off track from the universal principle and are going the way of the Fall. Hence, thinking of and loving your parents as if they were your own body and carrying out your filial duty are of the highest value for human beings. That’s why it is said, “Heaven’s blessing comes to the harmonious family. (CSG9)

So, I ask a simple question, where would we all be without True father and True Mother? We would have no lifeline, no love line, and no ideal line! None of us would be Blessed. Let us all honor and unite with True Father words and truly learn to become filial children of True Parents by sincerely following his teachings and become one with our most wonderful True Mother still here with us on earth.

In preparation for this Seonghwa Anniversary, I read hoondokhae every day. All the questions I had in my heart were answered by True Parents’ precious words. These words speak to us of the primacy of restoring the sanctity of True Love between Heavenly Parent and the true couple. True Parents completed and liberated us by their victory. They have completed their mission.

However, our portion of responsibility remains to be done, that is, completing what it means to be filial children who embody absolute love, faith and obedience. True Father taught us that the family is the school of love, and that we should together live in peace, true love, and harmony with all of humankind and the creation. Again, here are words from True Father:

CSG68: Filial children are those people in a family who love their parents and live for their sake. Patriots are people who love their nation and live for its sake, and saints are people who love the world and live for its sake. I am teaching you to become divine sons and daughters who love God and the universe, by living for their sake. In order to become a divine child of God, you need to have a loving heart like God.

When we fulfill the ideal of True Love on all levels we are honoring our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and on that foundation we can call ourselves filial children. Will you strive to be a true filial child who love not only your own parents and family members, but also all of Heavenly Parent’s children and the entire creation with such a heart? Yes!

I believe in you!

I bow to you and may Heavenly Parent eternally bless you.

Reading hoondokhae shows us the perfect model of the individual and the family. And yet we all know that we are not perfect and we all have a challenging growth process. There will be times in that school of love when we struggle and grasp for heavenly maturity. There are growing pains in all arenas of growth. These obstacles, however, are what help us to learn, overcome, practice, and gain mastery until we achieve perfection. There undoubtedly will be difficulty or differences of opinion from time to time, and debates about the best way forward. This is natural. But we must not allow disagreement to become divisive and destructive.

When differences of opinion arise, we need to make sure that we follow True Parents’ guidance, living for the sake of others, practicing humility, integrity and serving the purpose of the whole rather than the purpose of the individual. By following these guidelines, we have a clear framework for dealing with disagreement as individuals, organizations, and as a movement. We need to show by our thoughts, words, and actions that we can create unity even in the most difficult and complicated circumstances. If we can do it on the small scale within our own families, we can then become masters of True Love, like our True Parents, with the capacity to love all of humankind in any situation. True Father always prioritized true love, living for the sake of others, and forgiveness as the key formula for peace and unity. Listen to True Father’s words:

The essence of love is to cast aside any thought of having others live for one’s self; it is to live for the sake of others and give for the whole. Love gives, but then forgets even the fact that it has given and continues to give without ceasing. This is a love that gives in joy. It is the heart that a mother feels when she takes her infant in her arms and lets it feed from her breast. True Father As A Peace Loving Global Citizen

The true love taught by True Parents cannot make itself manifest where conflict and division are cultivated, and where the value of family and true love are not respected. True Father knew that the family is the microcosm of the larger global family. True Father was profoundly aware of these tendencies toward conflict or division block the way for God’s providence. This is true not only in the secular world, but it has also been part of the history of religion. The following quote from True Father reveals the nature of religious conflict.

All religions have a responsibility to advance the cause of world peace. Yet, lamentably, we see that religions instead become the cause of conflict. Behind this evil we find the machinations of politics, with its power and money. The responsibility of a leader, above all else, is to keep the peace. Yet leaders often seem to do the opposite and lead the world into confrontation and violence.”- True Father As A Peace Loving Global Citizen

Therefore, we must do everything we can to avoid disunity. We must do everything we can to uphold the ideal of true love, unity and peace. As we work to restore the world and all human institutions, we also must restore the divisive tendencies that exist within religions themselves. Differences of opinions will always exist among people, but with a heart of true love unity can always be achieved. True love requires that we strive continually to see the humanity in others and to connect in heart to those with whom we disagree. In this way, by practicing True Love, we can remove the spirit of conflict by removing the need to justify ourselves by demonizing the other.

Let us learn from history and do something radically different to change the pattern of human history, rife with division and conflict. Let oneness and unity reclaim itself through our absolute love, faith and obedience, and let this practice of True Love return as the hallmark of our movement. Let us learn and practice from True Parents’ example and their teaching about peace, and strive to become masters of true love. Consider these words:

CSG 19: The power of true love is great. True love can melt even the hardest substance. It is more fearful than a clenched fist. Love can conquer any place in a flash, no matter how far and wide. Nothing is strong enough to withstand the power of love. True love can melt even our enemy. We want to become the owners of the world based on love. Love is the pinnacle of hope for the human race.

Let us unite with True Mother and let us prioritize Heavenly Parent, True Parents, true love, peace, living for the sake of others, forgiveness, and unity above conflict. Let us realize CIG and vision 2020, uniting all our brothers and sisters around the globe as one family under Heavenly Parent and True Parents.


Cultivating and Growing his Legacy of Peace, Blessing, and Love

I want to turn to my second main point, “cultivating and growing a legacy of peace, blessing and love.” In making fire on your own, with no match or lighter, it takes tremendous energy, dedication, focus, and effort to create a spark that ignites the fire. Similarly, True Parents have poured all their passion, energy, blood, sweat and tears to generate sparks of blessing and love throughout the world. You are the fruit of that effort. So, in addition to our unity with True Mother, the second essential way that we can honor True Father is by taking the divine spark that True Father gave us and fanning the flames of true love to glow brightly and extensively through our witnessing and by living for the sake of others.

We know the many testimonies of early members and the way they, and many of you joined the church. These are eternal and precious stories. In fact, individual encounters and one-on-one witnessing will always be an essential part of our growth as a movement. At the same time, we live today in a very different world, one that has been profoundly influenced by technology and, more recently, various forms of social media. As leaders of Cheon Il Guk, rooted firmly in our tradition, we need to keep up with current trends and utilize these tools to spread the teachings of True Parents. In this way, we will be able broaden and build our movement, connecting more people to True Parents and to our community.

If we are to create, grow, and sustain vibrant, loving, and inspired communities, we must develop capacities and strategies that fit the time and context. We all know that technology’s impact over the past few decades has been revolutionary, creating many “disruptive innovations.” In the developed world almost everyone uses a smart phone, especially young people. Even laptop computers are losing market share. Young people, the so-called “millennials” are almost always “on line”, getting most of their news from digital platforms, especially Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Utilizing technology and social trends to spread virtue rather than vice is absolutely necessary in today’s world. Too often we hear about the negative gossip, and bad news rather than the positive, good and virtuous content that exists in our movement. Let us use technology, and all available tools, to promote God’s providence.

It is therefore of vital importance that we learn to incorporate social media into traditional methods of outreach, community-building, witnessing, and public relations, especially in terms of reaching out to young people, and connecting them with True Parents and the worldwide movement. It is critical to partner with and incorporate into your ministries or organizations “online community building champions” who can help you in your growth, maintaining connections, and outreach. Also, in addition to technological innovation, we observe other trends at play when we observe the landscape of religion. While we hear much about the rise of various forms of extremism, there are other developments that show how religious movements and institutions are changing dramatically all over the world.

For example, in the developed world, especially Europe and the USA, there is growing evidence of a large population of “nones”. I am not talking about our dear Catholic “nuns” but rather zero “nones.” This is a term that sociologists apply to the growing population of the religiously unaffiliated. If you want to research this phenomenon, google the Pew Research Center. While the “nones” are currently on the rise in the highly developed nations, they are not growing significantly in the developing world. Moreover, some hold that the “nones” will not continue their growth, due to lower marriage rates and lower fertility rates. In terms of global Christianity, mainline Protestant denominations have been in decline, while evangelical mega-churches and Pentecostal groups have been in the upswing. Moreover the epicenter of Christian church growth has shifted from Europe and America to sub-Saharan Africa and other places in the developing world, even in China. Islam continues to grow as a world religion, and may approach as high as 3 billion sometime this century, perhaps expanding beyond Christianity by 2070.

I make these points simply to underscore the ways in which the world is rapidly changing, and to underscore the point that we should all be aware of these changes. Once again, we must remain true to our tradition and our core identity while also adjusting to the circumstances and context of the world we inhabit. True Father already illuminated the path religion should go in the chapter of his autobiography entitled, “The goal of 21st century religion.”

What is the purpose of religion? It is to bring about God’s ideal world. The reason religions evangelize is because they desire to increase the number of citizens under God’s sovereignty. If everyone were to live under God’s sovereignty, we would have a world of peace where there would be no war or division. The ultimate destination of the path followed by religions should be peace. God created this world out of a desire for love and peace. If we create division by insisting that our own religion is the only path to salvation, we go against God’s desire. God wants everyone in the world to work hard for peace, reconciliation, and coexistence. If people say that coming to church creates division in their family, then I do not hesitate to tell them that they should put their family first. Religion is only a means to bring about God’s perfect world; it is not an end in itself. All my life I have made the following appeals to the wide variety of religious people I have met around the world: First, respect the traditions of other religions and do everything you can to prevent conflict and discord among religions. Second, all religious communities should cooperate with each other to serve the world. Third, the leaders of all religions should work together to develop a structure that will let us accomplish our mutual mission of establishing world peace….Once world peace is accomplished, there will be no further need for religion. The ultimate purpose of religion is to bring about the reality of a human community filled with love and peace. This is God’s Will. (PLGC, 287-9)

It is important that we be creative and innovative in developing new methods of reaching out to the people of the world, especially young people, many of whom may have no religious affiliation or appreciation for spiritualty. The most precious resource we have is True Parents’ words and hoondokhae. Please study and teach from these holy texts in all your social interactions. It is the wellspring of your own spiritual life as well as the only link to truth for all 7 billion people of the world.

But please also remember that as important as it is to find innovative and effective ways to reach out to young people, it is also important that we find ways to inspire, engage and uplift young people who are already in our movement. That is, if we want to retain our youth, it will be important for us to provide—both as a religious movement and as a family of businesses and non-profit organizations—more opportunities for tangible spiritual renewal, personal growth, and support for couples and families, in order that the true love of Heavenly Parent and the teachings of True Parents are deeply interwoven into the fabric of our lives and our community.

As an example, True Mother initiated the Cranes Club as a means to develop a close community of our second generation brothers and sisters, many of whom are working in various professions in the world. This year, centering on True Mother, we had a successful launching of Cranes Club in the USA, Korea, and Europe. Also in the same light, True Mother created a global network of “Top Gun” chapters as well as UPA (Universal Peace Academy) to also unite and raise our youth leaders. These are very hopeful development, and provided a forum for so many amazing professionals in all fields to be better connected to True Parents and network with each other.

Up to now, True Parents have been the main source of inspiration, moral authority, and literally, the source of life for the movement. Based on their inspirational lives, and believing in their providential mission, all of you and all our brothers and sisters around the world have supported and sacrificed for True Parents, the movement, and worldwide organizations on a unprecedented and heroic level. Like a bright shining sun, True Parents’ life of sacrifice and inspiration reached every corner of the world. But, in the future, we will not have True Parents with us on this earth. At that time, who will be the source of inspiration and hope to drive and push forward providential history to the next level?

That inspiration will need to come from each and every one of us, enlightened by True Parents’ teachings and hoondokhae. Even though our light will not be as bright or as powerful as True Parents, as we unite together in True Love and create a culture of True Love we will inspire and bring hope to all those around us. In this way, our light will shine bright like our True Parents. The Bible teaches that wherever two or more are gathered in the spirit of true love and harmony, Heavenly Parent will be there. When we unite together in true love, True Parents will be there. Aju!


Creating Success and Sustainability

The third way we can truly honor True Father is by making sure that we create successful and sustainable providential and affiliated organizations of the movement. True Parents founded many businesses and non-profit organizations for the sake of the providence and in order to reach the widest possible audience in the shortest period of time. Also, we know the mission of True Parents is not only to reach out to religious people, but to try to reach every single person. That is why True Parents started programs to involve and educate people from every field of endeavor in every part of the world. True Parents started these organizations and, for many years, sustained these organizations with their resources. Our job is to build on their investment, taking these various businesses and NGOs to a higher level.

To achieve this goal, we need to continue to strive for higher levels of professionalism and quality management of these organizations, while also seeking to achieve sustainability, especially since they were developed through the sacrifice of True Parents and the deep dedication and contributions of brothers and sisters, especially from Japan. We cannot continue to ask our brothers and sisters in Japan, our mother nation, to support the worldwide movement forever into the future. As leaders, I hope we continue to develop ourselves not only spiritually but also professionally so that we can make these important organizations productive and sustainable and, in the case of our businesses, profitable for the sake of the providence. Each nation should be successful and support True Parents’ dream of one family under God!

A large majority of our organizations are nonprofit organizations. Those of you involved in these organizations should make effort to learn more about nonprofit management. This will help us achieve our goal, and will bring comfort and honor to True Parents. It is especially important to learn more about corporate governance, fundraising, human resources, financial management, and public relations, to name a few. By developing new skills you will be in a position to make informed decisions and avoid many unnecessary mistakes. Also, critical to sustainability is proper asset management, especially since there are many physical assets and businesses affiliated with our movement, especially in Korea, Japan and America. Successful and sustainable management means making sure that, as leaders, we do not burden our True Parents or the movement either ethically, legally or financially. I know that we all can achieve these goals and bring True Parents tremendous glory and success. I believe in you and I am here to serve you in any capacity I can. We can do it! Yes!

One of the other great achievements of True Mother has been completion of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution and the establishment of the various organs of Cheon Il Guk, including the Supreme Council. True Mother is preparing a stable and secure foundation for our movement, knowing that one day she will join True Father in the spiritual world. The Cheon Il Guk Constitution and the governing system of Cheon Il Guk was near and dear to our True Father’s heart, as True Mother knows better than anyone. This is why she made it a top priority during these three years to establish the Constitution. At this time, the Supreme Council is functioning effectively and faithfully in accordance with True Mother’s direction. Soon, the other branches of Cheon Il Guk will be launched, and that is the topic of the upcoming meeting of the Supreme Council which will be convened in a few days. This is a great testimony to True Mother’s wise leadership.


As True Father foresaw, and I quote from PLGC:

Throughout history, women have been persecuted, but I predict this will change. The coming world will be one of reconciliation and peace based on women’s maternal character, love, and sociability. The time is coming when the power of women will save the world…The women’s organization my wife leads, on the other hand, seek to bring about peace on the principle that women should work together, take initiative, and empower one another across traditional lines of race, culture, and religion to create healthy families as the cornerstone for the culture of peace. (PLGC,198)

Brothers and sisters, no matter what your mission, responsibility or area of service, let us take our movement to the next level as one family centered upon True Parents. Our goal should be to be able to take the foundation of assets and organizations that True Parents have founded and developed, and add more value to further the mission of peace, unity, blessing and joy for all of Heavenly Parent’s children.


Remember Our Core Strengths

In conclusion, I would like to remind you of our precious mission. When I reflect on the boundless passion and energy that True Parents had in their mission, I always wondered, where did this come from? Are they superhuman? Yes. This is because they lived their lives to completion with absolute True Love, faith, and obedience to Heavenly Parent. They are eternal and divine because they are absolutely one with our Heavenly Parent. But, beyond this, they also have a very deep sense of urgency to bring all of Heavenly Parent’s children back together as one. They have directly experienced and suffered through all forms of division, separation, loss, occupation and war. I think they have witnessed the worst tendencies of fallen humanity. They have experienced the evil that human beings can do to each other when they lack or deny the true love and blessing of Heavenly Parent. True Father would teach for hours and hours because he knew this reality and wanted to liberate Heavenly Parent and humanity from ongoing misery and suffering. True Parents’ passion derived from true love. List to Father’s words:

CSG16: With true love there is nothing you cannot do, nothing you cannot make. You can love even your enemy. The power of true love is not to fight, not to force, but to win over someone naturally. There is no power stronger than this.

Without true love, life becomes dark and desperate. So, I hope that if we are to inherit anything from True Parents it is the practice of true love in all spheres of your life. Please do hoondokhae on a daily basis and study True Parents words. What you focus on becomes your reality. The more we study and learn higher truths, the more our wisdom grows; in the process we change the way we live and interact with others, because we have risen to a higher, more enlightened level. All people can be elevated and liberated through True Parents’ words and the Blessing.

True love is the essence of a true life itself. I hope that each and everyone one of us can be the source of True life for others. Let us then go forward with this determination to realize vision 2020 and Cheon Il Guk. We are so blessed to have True Parents and each other and to be part of this amazing global family. I hope that we can continue to make True Father proud in Heaven and True Mother proud of us here on earth. Thank you for all your lifetime of love, care, dedication, and sincere effort for Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

May Heavenly Parent and True Parents bless all your precious families forever! Can we all gather as one family as you hold hands with your neighbor, with this collective heart, mind, and soulful energy? Let us send our love, offer our commitment, pledge and give our gratitude to TPs! All together let us say in unison, Kamsahamnida, salanghamnida, three cheers of Sungli. Sungli, Sungli Sungli, Aju!