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By FFWPU Malaysia: After the Blessing Ceremony event in Kuala Selangor on December 13, 2015, the participants from this event were determine to hold another Blessing Ceremony at the nearby area, Bestari Jaya on January 31, 2016. 13 couples were invited to join for this meaningful event. Some of the couples from previous Kuala Selangor Blessing came as witnesses or guide for these newly blessed couples because they were inspired from their own Blessing and looking forward to share their blessing to others newly blessed couples.

Some of the participants were sent to the Blessing event venue with mini vans. The event started with Malaysia National Anthem. Then follow by FFWPU Introduction Video and introduction video about True Father’s Autobiography. Welcome remarks were given by the YB Manikasavasagam, a formal Member of Parliament. YB Manikasavasagam attended True Father Sung Hwa in Korea, he also have visited many oversea events. He said divorce rates among Indian community are very high, so he is most grateful to work with FFWPU and he encourage the participants to invite more people to join in the future Blessing event to revive more marriages. The last speaker is Dr. Yoo Chong Young, Senior Advisor of FFWPU Malaysia. He gave a brief sharing about how Malaysia has a connection from the past foundation established through meeting with some leaders of Malaysia in early days, such as Raja Brook from Sarawak.

Mr. Sudesh G. Balasubramaniam, Lecturer of UPF, delivered his topic “Family Peace for National and World Peace” to the participants mostly workers from the nearby oil palm plantation estate. Indian Translation was given throughout the entire event by Mr. Kumar, since the majority of Indian Community there does not understand the lecture in English language. 3 Days Ceremony and 40 Days separation was very much emphasized throughout the lecture. “You have engaged in a 44 Days event not 1 day”.

Then the Blessing Ceremony started with Holy Juice ceremony and follow by the Holy water Ceremony and confirmation of Blessing Vows. Benediction prayer given by True Mother in Korean was played to bless the couples. After that the couples exchange ring to re-affirm their marriages. Proclamation of the Blessing Festival was announced by the officiator couple, Dr. Yoo Chong Young couple. Then flower presentation to the officiator couple. After offer respective bows to the True Parents, the participants had the 4 cheers of “Eog Mansei” lead by the officiator couple.

Next anticipated event was the Indemnity Stick Ceremony. After hitting each other, the newly blessed couple fed each other sweet chocolate and hugged each other as loving as they never before. The loving sigh truly makes other envious of their affection towards each other. Commemorative photo were taken. Next they were entertained by the energetic and youthful dance performance of the Cheon Il Guk Korean and Japanese Missionaries.

Before the participants depart for their dinner, testimony from previous couple who had finished the 3 days ceremony was given. “I miss and had longing to dream about my father since he had passed away for so many years. After I attended the Blessing event, I dreamt of my father. Even amazingly the officiator, Dr. Yoo looks very similar to my father. I felt so much blessed.” The next meetings with the newly blessed couple were announced. This is a follow up program before their 3 Days Ceremony to be caring out. It is also to confirm their 40 days separation status with education and sharing.