By UPF/WFWP Portugal: UPF and WFWP took advantage on the celebration of the “International Family Day”, to organize a mainly initiative directed to Ambassadors for Peace, and invited FFWPU to join, in order to also point out the fundamental importance of this human institution and its Core Values as contribution to the resolution of current and difficult contemporary crises.

The theme of the meeting which was also the subject of the UPF presentation, given by the national representative, Sergio Vieira was “THE VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE THREATS TO FAMILY IN THE XXI CENTURY”, mainly in a way for a sharing reflection, and dealt with several news between 2010 and 2016, taking account of advances in the attempts by liberals to strengthen the legitimacy of the rights of LGBT people, promoting sex education from an early age, lowering the age of consent to sex from 16 to 13 years, the attempt of some individuals/professionals to legalize pedophilia, interests in smoothing the abortion law and law of euthanasia for children, the imposition of gender ideology, among other issues.


The WFWP theme of presentation, by the national representative, Marta Rodrigues, was “FAMILY VALUES” and essentially tried to make it clear, both in terms of the legal aspect, as at the level of ethics and human morality, through the fundamental principles and values, centered on the Creator’s vision for human nature, that people can manage to have the necessary insight with respect to what is healthy and not so healthy in human societies, taking into account the mentality changes that are currently taking place.

The FFWPU theme of presentation, presented by our brother and national leader, Sérgio Neto, was “HUMAN FAMILY”, with the main objective to give the idea of our True Parents teachings, through the True Father’s autobiography, about the importance of family relationships (biological or not), brotherhood, marriage, parents and children, and all global families towards human societies, centered on love, unity and cooperation, as a starting point for resolving the current global problems.

The meeting also had the presentation to one of our main idea, we would like to spread with the support of ambassadors of Peace, “CHARACTER EDUCATION” and its main topics, explained by our elder brother, Mr. Liberto Silva. We also made divulgation on the “SUNHAK PEACE PRIZE”, so that we could count on them (PA`s), to help us find the best candidate for this noble award of the True Parents.

We ended the meeting with the appointment of two new Ambassadors for Peace, one by UPF and another by WFWP, ending with two songs offered by the newly appointed ambassador of peace, which is also a singer.

May God Bless our True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind & True Family works, through all member`s efforts and determination towards Vision 2020.