In accordance with True Parents’ special instructions, the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation is now receiving applications for the Wonmo Pyeongae Global Leaders Scholarship Program for the second semester of a Korean language course for competent leaders in the public mission who have potential to serve as a national leader. We would like to ask all regional headquarters to base their selection of scholarship recipients on the guidelines within the attached program guidebook.

  1. Education Program: the second semester of 2016 Korean language course at Sun Moon University (a one-year program)
  2. Number of scholarship students to be accepted: 10 maximum
  3. Benefits for the scholarship students:
    • A. Full tuition for the Korean language course
    • Support for food expenses including the food expenses on weekends
    • Support for the dormitory fee
    • D. Refer to the attached guidebook for more details
  4. Applicant Requirements (must satisfy all qualifications below)
    • The applicant is a citizen, or resident of the mission nation (Korean citizens are ineligible) B. University graduates or those with an equivalent education or higher
    • A person who commits to completing the entire Korean language course (one year)
    • A person who is recommended by the regional president or national leader in the mission nation
    • A person who commits to returning to the mission nation and serving in a public mission as a national leader candidate under the direction of the regional president after completing the scholarship program
    • A person who has served at least 1 year of public mission in the mission nation or a person who has served at least 3 years in a life of devotion (The devotion standard is based on their region.)
    • A person with no physical or mental disabilities (Pregnant women are also ineligible.) C. After the completion of the one-year program, Universal Peace Academy (UPA) applicant will not be able to receive financial support for the 1-year language course of the “1+2” course system at UPA
  5. Selection Procedure
    • Each regional headquarters must collect documents submitted by the applicants and send them to the international headquarters. The Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation will conduct the final selection. Refer to the guidebook for more details.
  1. How to Submit Documents
    • A. Deadline of submission: 5.3 by the heavenly calendar in the 4th year of Cheon Il Guk (June 7, 2016)
    • B. Required Documents:
      • 1) Application Form (Refer to the attached application form.)
      • 2) Copy of University Diploma (Refer to the information in the attached guidebook.
      • 3) Copy of Passport
      • 4) Refer to the guidebook for more details.
    • C. Submission:

* All documents should be submitted by email.

  1. Refer to the guidebook for more details.
  2. Attachments (Click to downloud)
    • “Guidebook on the Wonmo Pyeongae Global Leaders Scholarship Program,”
    • “Application Form” and “Essay Form”
    • “Condition and Terms”