By FFWPU Kenya, Moriba and Susan Kone: On June 12 2016, we had one Day workshop for the members of the Bahati church ministries which included pastors from all their branches within Nairobi area, at their HQ branch of St. Mary`s Church. All together we had 7 pastors of various branches of the church together with 26 members of their churches participated in this workshop.

In the morning participants received Divine principle lectures which included the introduction of the Divine Principle, the ideal of the God`s creation, fall of man and the purpose of the Messiah.

In the afternoon the lectures were about the True family values and the importance of the blessing for all families in order to create a world of peace, love, harmony and eternal happiness.

The leaders and their membership were very inspired about this workshop and they invited the Tribal Messiah to hold education programs in their branches so that all their members can participate with their spouse and also receive the blessing of marriage.

The Senior Pastor Isaiah Goro who oversee all the branches of the Ministries in Kenya was blessed in January and is working closely with FFWPU in order that all the members of his ministry in all branches can also receive the seminars and the blessing. He expressed his gratitude to True Parents for this great vision of restoring the world through blessed families.