By Dr. Yves Moreau

Our nation could keep most of its natural marriage and family values so far.

Please pray for Australia’s protection and Heavenly guidance this coming Saturday 2nd of July with the Nation-wide General Elections.

If the leftist political parties win (Labor and Green) they will pass the law for the Gay / Lesbian marriage along with all the pro LGBT agenda in our schools and in the society at large. We stand up for True Parents’ teachings and True Family values.

Back in 2013, the Labor government introduced a so-called “Safe Schools” program to promote the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-sexual (LGBT) agenda, confusing teenagers in their physical, emotional and spiritual growth. This endangers the ability of our children and grandchildren to form loving and everlasting couples and families in the future.

Recently, our family joined the Australia Family Association campaign along with members of Australian conservative parties (Family First, Australian Christians, the DLP, the RUAP, the Liberal Party, etc.) for a positive election outcome this Saturday 2nd of July 2016, for our nation of Australia.

We distributed nearly 10,000 leaflets (below), during our 4-day door-to-door letterbox leaflet drop around Frankston, Merinda Park and Lynbrook. We hope the vote will be in favor of family values / conservative parties.

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