Put together by a diverse team of international first-generation Unificationists, second-generation Unificationists and friends, True Parents Way is a new resource for videos, blog posts, articles, commentary, dialogue, interviews and curricula on God’s providence today. True Parents Way is aimed at a global audience of believers and seekers who want to understand more deeply the teachings of True Parents, and how they show God’s way to bring peace, freedom, unity and happiness.

Directed by Dr. Tyler Hendricks, author and educator in ministry, church history, and theology, True Parents Way starts with the multi-week video series, “Man Woman Love Revolution,” based on Dr. Hendricks’s talks given recently in Oceania. The blog resulted from Dr. Hendricks’s prior role as the movement’s Vice President for Internal Affairs, a call by True Father to teach world religions and the change of blood lineage, coupled with True Mother’s call to teach about True Parents. The inspiration to start a website grew from Dr. Hendricks’s encounters with people who want to shake up this world and reach millions with the message of true love and true family, and who know how to use the Internet as one of the world’s most powerful tools for education and communication.

True Parents Way is what we used to call internal guidance, messaged for the world,” says Dr. Hendricks in his welcome post on the True Parents Way website. “I am starting True Parents Way for the same reason that I did anything else good in my life: faith, love and obedience. I have a call to teach about True Parents. And my brothers and sisters express the need for it. There’s a thirst for True Parents’ Word. Let True Parents Way be a snowball to start God’s avalanche. We will understand more and more how True Parents are the rock of salvation, the unity of religions, the purity of marriage, the revolution of culture, the peace of nations, the sacrifice of history, and the liberation of God’s heart for every one of us. Families, now is the time to define who we are, what we believe, whom we follow, and what we have to give the world.”



“Thank you Dr. Hendricks for your lectures and speeches about Divine Principle and True Parents. Please continue to be a voice for our brothers and sisters in this world about our precious True Parents.” -CP, USA

“I really find your videos and theological research valuable.” -SB, Arizona

“The ‘Victorious Gospel of True Parents’ should be a course everyone should be able to take, directly from you or from the Unification Theological Seminary, without any prerequisites, and maybe in stages depending on how much is already understood.” -RM, California

“Thank you so much for sharing the essay. Just read through and realized again that we have such a great privilege, and I am so grateful to True Parents. If you don’t mind, can I share your essay with my friends? Thank you for the clear explanation!” -DN, Korea