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By FFWPU Albania


On July 31, 2016, we began a new 40-Day mobilization. In fact, after finishing a wonderful 15-day Divine Principle workshop, 65 brothers and sisters, came back this time, with a strong desire and determination to invest for our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. They want to dedicate this time for the establishment of Cheon Il Guk in our dear nation.

Majority of the young people were participants of the 15-day workshop, so the feeling was like the workshop did not finished yet. We could feel the same energy, laughing, and joy. They were happy to meet each other again, and they were curious for the coming 40-day.

7 teams are going to invest in witnessing and practicing True Parents tradition for 33 days in different centers around Albania and Kososvo, and 1 team is going to be fundraising around Albania, by driving and sleeping in the tents. And at the end, they will come back to our workshop center join a 7-day Original Divine Principle workshop.

For two of our newest centers, New Tirana and Fier is the first time to have a mobilization team.

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