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By UPF-South Asia, Edgar T. Tanate

The Universal Peace Federation (UPF) celebrated the 4th Anniversary of Universal Seong Hwa of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung on August 13th in Ampara, Sri Lanka. A video presentation on the life course and accomplishments of Rev. Moon and a lecture presentation about his works for world peace were presented by Dr. Robert Kittel.

Honoring a Legacy of Peace help us remember the great achievements for peace by the great people who had dedicated their lives for the cause of peace. This activity inspires the youth to carry on the mission of promoting peace in their area of responsibilities through the model of a sacrificial life dedicated for peace shown by these heroes.

Local people of Sri Lanka who had passed away but whose lives were worth emulation were remembered during this time. As we honor them, we also convey a clear and strong message to the youth that life lived for the sake of others and for the cause of peace is truly precious and worth remembering from generation to generation.

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