As a Christian pastor couple were being congratulated after receiving the holy blessing during Festival on November 12, 2016, the wife appeared bright eyed, just like a newly wedded bride. She remarked, “I am speechless! I didn’t expect all of this! I just thought that we would come and get prayed over, just something small, but all of this was prepared for us! And the feeling…” She struggled to express herself as she was smiling and somehow trembling, lost for words. She just repeated, “I didn’t expect all of this! We are very happy and overwhelmed!”

The Marriage and Family Festival was most definitely a success! The spirit was high and every person engaged with it! It seemed that every person could feel that something special was taking place. Even guests who knew nothing about the Principle or what the Blessing is all about connected with the content and feeling that what was happening was really special. Every person who was asked could think of family members or a guest or two who would have enjoyed or benefited from the day. Just being there was a joy and a celebration that everyone was touched by. There was a sense of the substantial Holy Spirit moving in our movement, through this event.

The room at the London FFWPU HQ was overflowing, as more than 70 people attended the festival. Even young children attended the festival and were entertained in a separate room, while the adults enjoyed an entertaining program of fun and also educational meaning. As one person said, there was “a mixture of fun, inspiration and seriousness on the topic of men and women in marriage, expressed in a very uplifting way.”

8 couples participated in the Holy Blessing, receiving the holy wine, being sprinkled with holy water, offering 4 marriage commitments and receiving a prayer benediction based on True Father’s prayer from the Blessing in 2007. It was truly a beautiful occasion, as testified to by many of the people who participated in the Blessing and others who attended the Festival.

This campaign will grow and grow to bless the whole nation. 2 simultaneous Festivals are being planned in two different cities on Saturday 18th February. This will be the UK’s offering at the time of the Foundation Day Anniversary celebrations. We hope to have around 600 people attending those Festivals. There will be more Festivals taking place in September at around the same time as the Blessing Ceremony taking place in Korea, at the time of the anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa.