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천일국 성가 창작곡 1차 공모전 결과 발표

총재비서실 문화홍보국과 효정문화원/성가편찬위원회에서는 심정문화예술혁명을 통한 천일국 안착이라는 천지인참부모님의 말씀과 심정문화섭리의 일환으로 천일국 시대에 맞는 새로운 성가의 편찬을 진행하고 있습니다.

이번 천일국 성가 창작곡 1차 공모전은 2017년도 성탄과 기원절을 기념하고 새로운 성가의 창작과 보급을 주된 목적으로 하여 실시되었습니다.

효정문화원/성가편찬위원회는 이번 공모전을 통하여 전 세계에서 100곡 이상의 신청을 받았으며 심사위원들에 의한 엄정한 심사 끝에 11곡의 입상곡을 선발하였습니다. 입상자들에게는 상패와 상금이 수여될 것이며 입상 내역과 상금은 아래와 같습니다. 각 섭리현장에서는 입상 결과를 공지해주시기 바랍니다.

전 세계 식구님들의 적극적인 참여에 진심으로 감사드리며, 추후 진행되는 성가 창작곡 공모전에도 각 섭리 현장의 적극적인 홍보와 협조를 부탁 드리겠습니다.

1. 상금

  • 대상   1명    300만원
  • 금상   2명    200만원
  • 은상   3명    100만원
  • 장려상 5명    70만원

2. 입상 내역


  • Matt Ishizuka(미국) / We Are One


  • Diego Bellavotti(미국) / God’s Family
  • Nina Kosareva(러시아) / Child’s Heart


  • Sunmarie Burns(미국) / Truth Brings Peace
  • Joseph Knanga(콩고) / C’est par amour (That’s by Love)
  • Priscila Mbuyi Wambuni(미국) / Multiply the Lineage of God


  • Lawrence Baer (미국) / The Miracle We All Are
  • David Rendel(미국) / Sailing With Our Father
  • Nathalie Komagata(스위스) / One World One Family
  • Tsuchida Yoshiha(미국) / The Path My Father Walked
  • Sylvie Gatta & J.C. Mokama(중앙아프리카공화국) / Le Missie est Sur la Terre (The Messiah is on the Earth)

3. 문의

  • 효정문화원 천일국 성가편찬위원회 (영어 : +82-31-589-0565) 성가편찬위원회 위원장 데이비드 이튼 / 이메일 nycsym@aol.com
  • 효정문화원 / 총재비서실 문화홍보국(+82-31-589-2358) 이메일 ffwpucp@gmail.com [/showhide]


In accordance with True Parents’ Words that we achieve the firm settlement of Cheon Il Guk through a revolution of the culture of heart, and as part of the providence centered on the culture of heart, the Department of Culture and PR of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s Secretariat and the Holy Song Compilation Committee/Hyo Jeong Cultural Center are compiling new holy songs that reflect the Cheon Il Guk Era.

The main purpose of the first Holy Song Composition Contest was to commemorate True Parents’ Birthday and Foundation Day as well as to compose and distribute new holy songs.

During the contest, more than a hundred songs were submitted from around the world to the Holy Song Compilation Committee / Hyo Jeong Cultural Center. A panel of qualified judges strictly assessed all the songs and selected the final eleven prize-winning songs. The winners will be presented with a plaque and prize money. Details of the winners and prize money to be awarded are outlined below. We would like to ask each mission nation to announce these contest results.

We sincerely thank all members worldwide for their enthusiastic participation in this contest and look forward to the active promotion and cooperation of members in nations around the world in future Holy Song Composition Contests.

1. Prizes Awarded

  • Grand Prize (1)     KRW 3,000,000
  • Gold Prize   (2)     KRW 2,000,000
  • Silver Prize (3)     KRW 1,000,000
  • Highly Commended (5)   KRW 700,000

2. Details of Prize Winners

Grand Prize

  • Matt Ishizuka: We Are One: United States

Gold Prize

  • Diego Bellavotti: God’s Family: United States
  • Nina Kosareva: Child’s Heart: Russia

Silver Prize

  • Sunmarie Burns: Truth Brings Peace: United States
  • Joseph Knanga: C’est par Amour (It’s by Love): Congo
  • Priscila Mbuyi Wambuni: Multiply the Lineage of God: United States

Highly Commended

  • Lawrence Baer: The Miracle We All Are: United States
  • David Rendel: Sailing with Our Father: United States
  • Nathalie Komagata: One World One Family: Switzerland
  • Tsuchida Yoshiha: The Path My Father Walked: United States
  • Sylvie Gatta & J.C. Mokama: Le Messie est Sur la Terre (The Messiah is on the Earth): Central African Republic

3. For Inquiries:

  • Contact the Hyo Jeong Cultural Center Cheon Il Guk Holy Song Compilation Committee (Eng. +82-31-589-0565) or send an e-mail to David Eaton, chairman of the Holy Song Compilation Committee at nycsym@aol.com
  • Contact the Hyo Jeong Cultural Center/Department of Culture and PR, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon’s Secretariat (+82-31-589-2358) or send an e-mail to ffwpucp@gmail.com

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