Prepared by UPF Nicaragua

On the 21st of September of this year 2017, an event was held at the auditorium of the Library Alemana-Nicaragua in Managua where a recital of music and poems were organized by the Literary Circle together with the UPF, Universal Peace Federation in honor of the International Day of Peace proclaimed by the United Nations.

The event was made up of 40 people from diverse sectors of the society. The honorable Dr. Ayax Aburto gave the opening words and the catholic sacerdotal Antonio Carlos Granados gave the prayer.

Besides the various presentations of the music and poems recitals, about the peace, the Rev. Jorge de Oliveira, leader of the Family Federation was introduced by the President of the UPF Nicaragua, the honorable Ing. Agustín Jarquín who was also one of the organizers. Rev. Oliveira spoke about the theme, One Happy Family, the Root of True Peace.

Also the honorable Vice-President of the Paulo Freire university, Dr. Cesar Largaespada spoke some words about the Pacification of Nicaragua. In addition, the honorable Guadalupe Quintana, a diplomat of the El Salvador embassy talked about the theme in reference to the peace in the Central America Region.

On the 23rd of September, taking advantage of the 15th Anniversary celebration of the Paulo Freire University, in the city of San Marcos, Carazo, the UPF joined with the university to fraternize the International Day of Peace making this day of peace as part of the celebrations.

The event was held in the auditorium of the university and had a participation of about 150 people including directives, professors, students and guests of the university.

There were oratory competitions as well as folkloric dances and musical presentations by some of the students but the main highlights of this activity were the conferences given by the Rev. Jorge de Oliveira and the President of the University, the honorable Peace Ambassador Dr. Adrián Meza, who spoke about themes related to the International Day of Peace.

The events were very successful, a true exercise of peace and good relations among all.

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