The program begins with video of a young and a woman running swiftly through a park. In the video, they arrive at a stadium, and in real life they run out onto the stage. They are the two opening MCs and they know how to warm up an audience.

“All humankind is one family!” they declare to the audience. “Aren’t you great?”

“Yes!” says the audience with one voice, but of course it is not loud enough and the energetic young MCs make them say it louder. It is good pantomime, and the MCs shout triumphantly, “Once we are united we become a great power!”

Some young members standing with flags lead Mexican waves. They zoom around the auditorium; everyone stands up and sits down as the runner passes, creating a wave effect through the entire audience.

The MCs remind the audience that this week in Japan is Family Week. “We recognize the value of the family. FFWPU is known to appreciate the family as the place of happiness and peace that cultivates true love!”

Words accompanied by sound appear on the screen. There is a parent’s words appreciating a child as he/she grows up, concluding with:

“May your pure, clear heart become a light in this world. Thank you for coming into our family. I will be watching over you at all times, keeping on the path toward the True Parents of true love.”

And then a child’s deep appreciation for his/her parents.

Dance and song on the theme of the family follows, beginning with a Japanese style dance to the Korean song Sarang Cha-ja, Insaeng Cha-ja (Find love, find life).

Young people come out and briefly but poignantly express their appreciation of family, for parents, for children and for ideals:

  • “My dream is to build a peaceful world without national borders.”
  • “I want to build a school, where everyone can build brotherhood and sisterhood.”
  • “Living away from my parents, I realized my life owes a lot to my grandparents and parents.”
  • “I gave birth to 9 children and despite the challenges, this is grace. Like True Mother, I will spread joy and positivity.”

Hearts are stirred.…A song, “Power of the Family,” follows, and the young lady singer has such an expression of joy on her face.

In her prayer to open the event, Chieko Kato recalls this is Mother’s 13th visit to Nagoya and that here Mother feels she is in her hometown (as she once said); that members from this region have taken responsibilities all over the world, and that we members will follow Mother as the embodiment of true love, the Holy Spirit in the flesh.

Church president Rev. Eiji Tokuno gives welcoming remarks. He alludes to the increasing family problems confronting Japan today and to some of the problems afflicting all humankind: threats of war, terrorism, migrating refugees, and destruction of the natural environment. He notes Japan’s low birthrate, aging society and increasing divorce rate. He continues: “The UN has certainly contributed to world peace, but not asserted enough leadership in solving global problems, which are exacerbated by national self-interest. We have had no true compass. The Unification movement, established in 1954 by Sun Myung Moon, provides such a compass. True Parents’ Holy Wedding substantially accelerated everything in 1960. And upon Rev. Moon’s ascension, his wife, Hak Ja Han Moon, immediately inherited the providential mandate and has led the movement for the past five years. Today we welcome her to Aichi Prefecture. She recently held a successful event in Seoul and today brings that heavenly fortune to Japan.

Among the many guests of honor, two out of five members of the Japanese National Diet present speak, and it comes from their hearts. They have affection for us, they feel close to True Parents.

One says: “I am overwhelmed by the number of people here. I welcome Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon to our city. Four years ago when she came, it was another city in my constituency. She said to me, ‘You have to become strong to speak about peace and witness to the people.’ This organization has an important role to promote the value of family ties. As a politician I understand we must deal with communist thinking and protect the family. If communism prevails, Japan will be broken and divided. I am touched that True Mother and her daughter came. Let’s work together for peace in the spirit for living for the sake of others.”

Introductions of important guests are made, and a congratulatory message from a former government minister read. There is a video interlude of Father and Mother singing together and then choral music on the theme of hometown, including an unusual arrangement of Country Roads that works well.

Our International President Sun Jin Moon then comes out onto the stage and speaks with her characteristic sincerity and warmth in her testimony to Father and Mother, and to the movement’s potential to resolve conflict and restore all people to God as one family.

Her words include the following:

Our keynote speak today is none other than Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, our beloved True Mother. Together with my late father, my mother has been an unwavering champion of peace. In my heart of hearts, I recognize her as the greatest role model of our time, a liberator of humanity and creation, and the embodiment of purity, goodness, and absolute true love.

For 52 years she stood side by side with my father, as a devoted, pure, loving wife, giving birth to 14 strong-willed and passionate children. Since the time of our True Father’s passing, she has led our worldwide movement forward with wisdom, grace, and clarity, surpassing all expectations. She has ignited the torch of hope and peace for all 7.5 billion people of the world to see….

When I asked my mother how and why, at her age, she continues to work so tirelessly for peace, she said that the ideals of true love and lasting peace are God’s and True Father’s eternal and unchanging hope.  For this reason, she pledged to offer every moment of her life to fulfill this goal.

My mother is my hero and I know my father is so proud of her.  He is absolutely by her side. They are eternally committed to working together to achieve God’s dream of peace…. She is calling upon all of us to rise up as the champions of peace, to become manifestations of Heavenly Parent’s love and truth… (Read More)

And then Mother is there, with her steadfast confidence yet gentle presence in front of God.

She begins with the words: “Global citizens of Nagoya, I love you!”

Mother’s speech [a full translation will be provided later] traced aspects of God’s providential history, her birth and life in relation to God’s will and dispensation, and True Parents’ bringing the Blessing to all people.

Toward the end of her speech Mother says the following:

In the past, between your ancestors in Korea and Japan there were many complicated issues. However, the truth of history must be clarified, then a new history can unfold on the path toward a new future. Through True Parents’ Holy Wedding, the gate to grace was opened up so that people can stand in front of God; blessed central families appeared for the first time in history. Heavenly Parent and all human beings wanted to see humankind as one family under God, attending True Parents. Words are easy to say, but you blessed central families, knowing the providence and putting it into practice—you new leaders of the 2nd and 3rd generation—your dedication and conditions are necessary for this to be realized. The world needs us. It is now the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk but still humankind is in darkness…. People need to practice the light. This is the mission of a Messiah. You must become heavenly tribal messiahs. You are made into messiahs by True Parents. Can you do this? [Yes. Applause]… I want you to be on the front line, I want you be the spearhead. Even if the providence could not be completed 2,000 years ago, now we are embracing the 7.5 billion people of the world by practicing true love.

The center is Japan, the Eve nation. It should take responsibility, and then the problems brought by your ancestors shall be solved. I want to make such a Japan. Will you do it? This path, this movement, are the hope for the future of Japan and for the future of the world. God’s kingdom will be realized.

In conclusion, flowers are presented by a young couple; then with True Mother, True Family members and major leaders together on the stage, four cheers of Eok Mansei led by Japan’s region 7 director Mr. Kotoda rock the auditorium to conclude the event.


(Taken from the simultaneous interpretation from Japanese to English; please do not depend on these notes for completeness or perfect accuracy, or quote them as authoritative.)

By Julian Gray, FFWPU International Headquarters

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  1. Gloria Frothingham-Goldstein

    November 22nd, 2017

    So we must attain true love in our homes by uniting with Heavenly Parent and True Parents. to save the 7.4 Billion people and accomplish God’s kingdom on the Earth or Cheon Il Guk.

    Thank you True Mother for all your sacrifice traveling and speaking to lift us up. .


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