By Ruben Cabero, FFWPU Spain

We held a one day workshop on April 1, 2018 in Manantial del Corazón, Spain. The idea for this workshop was to commemorate 15 years of HARP, in the almost the same day as the first Spanish HARP workshop back in 2003.

Our program started with some words from Armando Lozano, telling some old stories from “El Manantial del Corazón”, the unique place where all Spanish HARP workshops happened. That connect us to many experiences where we grow up, plaid, fought, prayed and cried together.

After some activities, we had a special moment, where we all together, we wrote each name of all the people that had been on a Spanish HARP workshop, to show that for any reason or situation, we will remember everyone that passed through HARP.

The environment of the WS had a familiar touch, been true that many old Harp graduates couldn’t come, because of the day or because they are living in other countries now. Many that came brought their kids, giving that feeling that we are getting bigger, with a sense of been a big family together, growing up happily and in a community.

It was a WS with a lot of nostalgia, and we are all hoping to celebrate the next anniversary in five years, which will be the 20th anniversary of the Spanish HARP.


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