Prepared by TIMD Nepal

Since the inauguration of 2nd batch of 120 day Tong Il Moo-Do Training with the 130 new witness player last month, the first phase of 120 day training is completed; belt promotion took place on May 10, 2018 at National Training Center.

Players are striving to survive and to endure the tough training of Tong Il Moo-Do. Players are to learn not only the physical training but also they need to master the principle of TIMD centering on Divine Principle and True Parents teaching. 120 day training is balancing both spiritual and physical growth.

The first 40 day of the training, they studied TIMD philosophy centering on Divine Principle and substantialized through its unique and majestic formation and demonstration.

91 players are promoted from yellow to green belt and from blue to brown belt. The belt promotion is based on their performances – formation and the level of understanding of the Universal Principle.

At the last hour of the promotion, The formr Minister and Special CIG Envoy to Nepal, Hon. EK Nath DHakal and the Asian Religious federation Dr. Il Jing Seok and Rev. Hyunki Lee visited the venue and gave an encouragement to endure the hardship not only for their sake but for the nation.

Players and participants are the outcome and result of constant witnessing through HTM, PLA Education from campus to School, CARP social and peace activities and the result first batch internship witnessing.

Mr. Santosh kumar Paudel directly involved and personally supervised the 120 Day Training along with the TIMD Coordinator Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari and TIMD Instructor. Mr. Adonis Arcillas of Philippines and Tej Singh of Nepal.


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