By PLA Korea and WFWP Korea

Pure Love Alliance Korea (PLA-Korea) and Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP), in accordance with the will of our founder, True Parents, have continuously invested in the true family movement efforts for the settlement of a sound family culture in Korean society, and have invested our utmost effort in raising leaders who spread the culture of true love. True Parents said, “When you go someplace, that place must be change into pure water. We are to become pure water yourself and then go and cleanse the world. Nowadays, the ‘#Me Too movement’ is continuously going on in the Korean culture area, subsequently, politics, arts, sports, and religious areas. We proactively support the brave #Me Too movement, conducted by the victims who had to conceal their suffering of sexual harassment over time. Thus, our position is as follows:

  • One, we proactively support the #Me Too movement by sympathizing with the hearts of the victims who have been exposed to sexual violence but have not been able to reveal it because of expected handicaps returned to them from the hierarchical structure and organization culture.
  • One, we will strive to become self-purifying pure water ourselves by reflecting on our own past when we acted against our conscience.
  • One, we determine to be ‘Pure Water’ which cleanses the world by putting into practice the teachings of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, ‘Living for the sake of others,’ and thus become a role model among family, neighbors, and society.  
  • One, we will stand together with the social changes brought about by the #Me Too Movement and spread the Hyojeong Pure Love Movement and True Family Movement that establishes harmony and peace between men and women.


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