By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

Coming back from Korea my wife and I, we were still completely immersed in True Mother’s words and spirit. The feeling of emptying ourselves to allow God to work in us and through us was still very strong. Many times, we fight against circumstances, making incredible effort and sacrifices, but we forget to allow the extra power that comes from Heaven flowing in our actions. We should not be alone anymore in facing the highest challenges ever, because, being alone means to be defeated. Most of the times we are alone due to our own opinions, self-centered mind, fears and mistrusts. True Mother woke us up in a quite dramatic way, but this is what we needed.

As soon as we came back we started to organize a meeting with the Italian leaders, to start to spread this awareness in our region. I had already sent my testimony to all of them, while I was still in Korea and they were impressed by the content, so, the participation was quite full. Thirty-seven leaders came, including eleven 2nd generation and two youth leaders, from FFWPU, UPF, WFWP, YSP and CARP. Following my suggestion, they participated already in the three days of prayers and review of their lives, on the same time we did it in Korea, so the spiritual environment was ready to receive guidance for a new beginning. They came with their hearts opened and, as I requested, with a plan for the future development in their area of responsibility.

After a brief report on the events in Korea, we started to discuss those plans for all federations and departments.

Actually, they are making really a good effort to breakthrough, but when myself, my wife and Patrizia, the sister responsible for the Blessing DPT that came to Korea with us, started to report more precisely about True Mother’s Heart, Words and directions, we all realized that our plans were still falling short, remaining in the realm of rational possibilities. The extra mile was missing, the one that could really allow Heaven to come down and open the realm of miracles. Bit by bit, through reading True Mother’s Words, praying and receiving guidance, all leaders realized that we should forget completely our own opinions and just focus on the Providential requests. It is not our mind that decides what must be done and the goals we can reach, but Heaven.

The quality of the meeting, at that point became really high and we felt a much more powerful determination. A new world of possibilities opened in front of our eyes. The absolute need for unity was the main realization. Unity with Heavenly Parents and rue Parents and unity among ourselves. All plans were transformed from “my plan” to “our plan”, including Heaven and all brothers and sisters.  We will never be able to fulfill any meaningful goal that can transform the society if we do not cooperate fully and make possible for the Spiritual world to join us in our effort.

We focused mainly on developing the Heavenly Tribal messiah providence, by going through all directions but also all the guidance that True Father and True Mother gave us. Then we discussed on the development of IAPP, IAPD and YSP, especially considering the next event we already planned, including a conference in the Italian Senate very soon. About YSP we started to create a structure and define goals and methods. Finally, we formed a new board for CARP, mainly to revive and mobilize the 2nd generation city by city.

Concluding, some more reflections. We really want to support True Mother with all our hearts. We dedicated our entire lives to support True Parents and we are still on the front line. On the same time, we realized that our effort, up to now, could not bring enough improvements in the Providential development and we are still relying mostly on True Parents victorious foundation. None of us can still offer a big enough victory to God and True Parents, despite the many sacrifices and deep dedication. We cannot just be sorry anymore; the world is waiting for the manifestation of the children of God. We have to become ourselves the substance of Heavenly Parent and True Parents and walk through the world on their behalf, bringing the same victories and liberation wherever we go, as one united people.

The external effort is not enough anymore: a deep change in the quality of our life of faith is necessary, especially improving the vertical and horizontal unity and connections to Heaven, where True Father, Hyo Jin Nim, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, are ready to support us with incredible miracles.

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  1. Matthias Wiesner

    September 17th, 2018

    The principles of goal setting may be useful to study more in detail


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