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Following the Central Europe leaders meeting, the Austrian leaders and some of the tribal Messiahs held a conference at the headquarters in Vienna on 22.-23. September 2018.

Nearly 60 persons had come on the first day, Saturday. A moving prayer by Janine Waldmann from the Carinthian community set the atmosphere, which built up higher and higher by every contribution:

Having attended the special 3 day workshop in Korea, I tried to convey True Mother’s heart with which she guided the leaders through the workshop in Korea and the significance of blessing 430 couples until Foundation Day 2020. Yoshiko Pammer, from the leaders’s couple of Upper Austria, had been attending the 40 day Blessed wives’ workshop in Korea and then joined the special 3 day workshop. She shared some of her experiences with True Mother and from the workshop.

After that, her husband Bogdan Pammer gave an overview of the book “What is a Heavenly Tribal Messiah”, the first of 4 volumes which all of us got in Korea in order to learn about Tribal  Messiahship.

The program continued with Christoph and Martha Kral, National Leaders from Poland, who shared their experiences with giving the Blessing in Armenia. Hearing how young couples got inspired by the Blessing to change their lives and bring new couples to the following Blessings, gave all of us much hope. Also, the day before our meeting Christoph and Martha had visited their relatives in Austria and could bless six couples.

Jeonghye Yeom, President of Youth and students for Peace for Europe and the Middle East, gave a presentation on “How my parents blessed 430 couples”. We learnt that her mother who is seriously ill, had such a strong desire to fulfil the 430 couples’ blessing before going to the spirit world, that finally many members of the community where she belongs to gathered in their house, praying together and then helping the family to find the 430 couples and bless them. Hearing this heartbreaking story, many of us couldn’t help but crying.

Manfred Mayr, community leader from Styria who also participated in the events in Korea, reported about his impressions of his stay in CheongPyeong. He also participated in the “High Noon” conference which took place after the 3 day workshop, and he reported about it on Sunday.

All together 10 members from Austria could participate in the special 3 day workshop in Korea, because some parents came for their childrens’ Blessing and then participated in the workshop. All of us were deeply moved and grateful for all the blessings we could receive in Korea.

In the afternoon of Saturday’s Leaders meeting there was a Q&A session and short reports from various brothers and sisters. Before the evening we held a ceremony of singing the Tribal Messiahs’ Resolution and handing over the flags to everybody who signed.

After dinner we all joined in a prayer walk to the Holy ground where we finished the first day of the meeting with prayer. We were tired, but very grateful for all the inputs which came from the hearts of the brothers and sisters.

On Sunday the meeting continued with a working session where we strived to find a motto for our Blessing outreach. After almost 2 hours we could agree on “Der Liebe ein Zuhause geben” (To create a home for Love), which is also the headline of our Family Federation leaflet.

After refreshing reports from our young leaders (CARP, HARP, SunMoon missionaries), as well as Peter Zöhrer (ILC Korea, Persecuted Chinese Christians in Korea, new publication about our Church from Innsbruck University), Peter Haider (founding of IAPD in Geneva), and Renate Amesbauer (WFWPU) we struggled to define our goals until foundation Day 2019 and 2020. Each community leader contributed to his/her best abilities.

The meeting was concluded in the afternoon. One of our common decisions was that we keep each other updated through regular Zoom conference: 1 –3 -12- 21 blessed families from the Austrian community who will reach this goal by 2019/2020! Through helping each other we will make it possible for more and more families to achieve the 430 couples’ Blessing!

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