Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

On Sunday, November 25, at the Headquarter in São Paulo, during the 43-year celebrations of the Foundation of the Unification Movement in Brazil, we held the Special Seminar for the Beginning of Providence of the Cheongpyeong Branch of Heavenly Latin America. On this occasion, Rev. Kim Seong Nam gave a lecture on Cheongpyeong Providence.

He summarized the True Parents tear, sweat, and blood story to establish this great foundation of the Heaven and Earth Training Center, which connects the Spiritual World and Physical World, brings rebirth and resurrection to all the blessed families, allowing liberation, and bless all their ancestors up to 430 generations by 2020.

President Koichi Sasaki gave words of encouragement and determination so that all the blessed families, in the sense that all understand the focus of the providence and fulfill their missions of HTM.

Around 200 people watched the explanations carefully and pledged to complete the Blessing for 430 families vertically and horizontally, obeying the direction of True Parents.

The Providence of the Cheongpyeong Branch in Brazil is a Great Blessing to Latin America!

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