By Ken Owens

Article to a Lynchburg, Virginia newspaper published July 30, 1980

The following article was written by then 40-day pioneer Ken Owens and published in the local newspaper of the town he was witnessing in.


Much controversy has arisen in the past eight years in America concerning the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church. There have been many who support and many who oppose. Rev. Moon came to America to reveal a new revelation, a new truth that was given through him by God. This new truth, known as the Divine Principle, gives point by point answers to the unsolved questions that have puzzled humankind for thousands of years. Also, within that new truth, are the clear solutions to solve the major problems that plague man’s very existence today.

I joined the Unification Church seven years ago. In that time, I have witnessed this revelation to be absolutely God’s new truth and hope for mankind. We feel it is our God-given responsibility to share the Divine Principle, not only here in America, but throughout the world. But, as always with new religions, we have been misunderstood.

America, which is a free land to believe in God in your own way, always persecuted new religions. The Mormons and the Baptists are good examples. At first, they were persecuted. Now, they are respected and established religions. Christianity, which was called a cult in its beginning, Islam and Buddhism, all were persecuted. Now, they are the major religions of the world.

The Unification Church also is following this tragic way, as Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha before us. The old era always gave the new era a hard time, but the new would always win out.

Today, America is divided. The moral Judeo-Christian fiber that this country was founded upon, has eroded to the point of barely existing. The family unit is divided in many ways. Drugs, free-sex, anti-government sentiment grow rampant. Atheistic ideologies, especially Communism, are creeping into the highest levels of our government and churches. The churches themselves continue to do their own thing. The young have no clear, single guideline to form a happy, productive future in this country or world.

The solution: Before World War Two, America was divided on whether or not it should enter the war in support of the Allies. This struggle continued up until the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. After that day, everyone put aside their differences and unified under on common goal. Under this unity, America grew. After the war, instead of returning to isolationism, it continued its responsibility and gave much of its resources and manpower in building up the countries of both sides hit hard by the war. These nations truly trusted and supported America. America had given itself to the world and both flourished. But, after 1960, America became selfish. Many nations, its friends, didn’t trust America anymore. America and the world started to decline, and Communism took advantage and grew rapidly.

Today, we must go back to the basics that brought our Forefathers together to build this nation and that brought this nation together, and that brought this nation together in World War Two.

Unity under God is the key. We must put aside our differences and become completely unite in tackling the problems that threaten the very existence of our nation and the free world. Through unity, strength and power will come.

Rev. Moon said: “ America cannot win this battle alone. She needs God. In any crisis, you cannot win without God, who is the foundation of all truth, and all true ideology.

“To do this, Christianity of the world must unite. The church must liberate itself from sectarianism. She must undergo a drastic reform, and achieve an ecumenical and an inter-religious unity. For this, we need a spiritual revolution. We need a new ideology, and this new ideology must incorporate Oriental philosophy, uniting the cultures of the East and the West.

“This new ideology will also be capable of unifying all the existing religions and ideologies and religions of the world. Therefore, it has to come in the form of a new religious or spiritual movement. The Unification Church has been created by God to fulfill that mission. This spiritual movement must first succeed here in America in order to spread throughout the world. The new ideology, which the Unification Church brings, is “Godism”, an absolutely God-centered ideology. It has the power to awaken America, and it has the power to raise up the model of the ideal nation of God upon this land.

“With that done, the rest of the world will follow America’s example and will build the kingdom of God upon their respective lands. Then, we shall all truly become brother and sisters under on Father, God. This will be a world of love, a world of happiness. Our planet will be one home and humankind will be one family. God’s will, His long cherished desire from the beginning of time, will finally be fulfilled. This will be the eternal, ideal world of God. We will build it with our hands. This is our supreme, God-given sacred mission. Our march is God’s, and it will go on to the end.”

The answer: United we stand or divided we fall. All races, all nations, all religions must come together as one family under God to accomplish the goal that God has set for us. It’s our responsibility to accomplish it, today. Tomorrow will be too late. God bless you and your families, and God bless America.


Ken Owens served as the main photographer for the US movement during the time True Parents were based there. He took many well-known photographs of True Parents and their family in those days.

Ken Owens follows behind Father and Dr. Bo Hi Pak at the Yankee Stadium Rally. He had been asked on that occasion to serve as added protection for True Parents

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