by Ahjeong Yoo, FFWPU Oceania

The annual Summer Regional Workshop for 2019 was held in Belgrave Center this year from Sunday 6th of January to Sunday 13th of January. There were a total of 21 participants from Australia and New Zealand , 4 team leaders, 4 staff, 4 lecturers. Ahjeong Yoo as director and coordinator, Reverend Soon Teck Lim as workshop parent and co-director, William Saver as Kitchen staff and general affair worked closely to organise the internal and external aspects of the workshop.

The theme of the workshop was “Our Divine Purpose: Love Life Lineage”, and was designed to be a workshop for deepening our understanding of the Blessing, Purity lifestyle as our purpose centered on love, life, and lineage. The internal content was given by Rev Park, Regional Director, Mica Camara, Rev Lim, Rick Mclnerheney, and Sammy Uyama, guest speaker and director of High Noon.

The internal content was broken into 5 parts, Divine Purpose, Love, Life, Lineage and Legacy with each day focusing on a theme related to the content. Along with the talks there were personal testimonies shared by various staff and lecturers around the theme of compassion and the blessing. Each lecturer was able to engage the participants in their own way, and the team meeting were very helpful in deepening their understanding. Many noted that they would appreciate having longer team discussions in future workshops.

Additionally activities such as goal setting, 5 love languages quiz and more were there to supplement the internal content. An activity called “touch someone who…” was one that was especially memorable to many, as this could remind them of the love of God that flows through people around them. After the final lecture content, we held a purity pledge ceremony similar to last year to continue the tradition and solidify the workshop’s message to continue into our daily lives. Along with the purity pledge, purity rings were given to 15 people who didn’t already have them. Engraved on each ring were their names and the letters LLL for love, life and lineage.

The last night of the workshop included a very special experience – a visit from Yeon Ah nim and her daughter Shin Soon Nim. The evening began with a lecture from Professor Oh about the centre point of the cosmos and the 2nd Generation blessing, a special opportunity to experience Yeon Ah nim’s love through her desire to deepen our understanding of the love of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Then we had a moment to hear from Yeon Ah nim herself through a brief Q & A session which was followed by our chance to share something with members of the True Family by having 5 of our workshop participants share their testimony. The workshop was very privileged to have such an opportunity and experience Heavenly Parent and True Parent’s love through Yeon Ah nim’s visit.

Below were some takeaways that the participants noted were important for them:

  • More about Purity and 2nd Gen Blessing
    • Purity is not an egg, it’s a plant
    • Purity is power
    • Look for commitment, not chemistry
    • Value of family, of being 2nd gen
    • High Noon Lifestyle
    • Significance of lineage
  • Finding divine purpose for their lives
  • God is always there, parental heart of God
  • Having mentors and good relationship with parents

The workshop program began with a variety of icebreakers designed to get the participants to feel more comfortable within the group. The participants were then divided into four teams with Team Leaders being: Akimoto Hosokawa, Emily McInerheney, Rebecca Bell and Sara Josifoska. The teams were encouraged to build their team unity through sports, a game night filled with fun bonding activities, and deepening their bond through sharing in team discussions.

This summer workshop was a meaningful and memorable experience for both participants and staff. We were especially grateful to have had the special visit from Yeon Ah nim not only for the chocolates and pocket money but also the unforgettable experience of having members of the True Family at the workshop. Thank you for all the support, trust, and love. It was through the collaboration and contribution of members that this workshop was a great success!

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