“Providing Vision and Leadership for NationBuilding and Peace” 


This ALC on March 22 – 25, 2019, in Bangkok had 80 participants from 14 nations, including a former Speaker and 2 VIPs of minister level.

Cambodia: 33, Central Asia: 10, Malaysia: 7, Laos: 6, Singapore: 2, Vietnam, Myanmar: 4 each, Mongolia, Nepal, Indonesia, China: 3 each, Japan, Korea: 1 each

Cambodia sent the largest delegation, including 8 VIP couples, as the Cambodian Family Education Program and Interfaith Peace Blessings have been developing so quickly due to the inspiration the VIPs receive while attending the ALC. After their return, they are fully prepared to cooperate with the local UPF and FFWPU leaders to conduct these programs in their area.

Unique to this ALC was the inclusion of a breakout session by nations so that each group had time to discuss their action plan after the ALC.

Reflections from participants:

E. Chou Bun Eng, Secretary of State, Ministry of Interior, Cambodia:

This is the right time for Cambodia to implement this family building education. We truly believe “Family Building is Nation Building.” I will support it by gathering all the woman leaders to stand up for family building education.

Dr. Somock Kingsada, Deputy Minister, Laos:

The Laos delegation is happy to learn how to make peace in the world. We would like to invite Dr. Yong and his team to come again to Laos.

Kang Vannaro, Deputy Governor for KG Spue Province, Cambodia:

I agree with the unchanging principles of pillar and beam. What we need is not change but the strengthening of our tradition. Cambodia has a culture in which man and woman respect each other, and principle of one man and one woman. Following the Buddha’s teaching, we meditate to achieve unity of mind and body.

Ngor Meagchroun, Deputy Governor for Bantey Meanchay Province, Cambodia:

I was inspired with the clear vision of peace for the individual, family, society, nation and the world: Mind & Body, Man & Woman. We have seen many theories with a great vision but we have never seen the result of that great vision; however, I can see Father and Mother Moon have accomplished so many things according to their vision. In my province, UPF & FFWPU have done many activities and I know all these activities are talking about morality, ethics and the family. We have a dream to share and realize.

Long Tran Pham, Deputy Director, The GIOI Publishers, Vietnam:

I am thinking how to apply this in Vietnam. It is really good because this conference is talking about the family. We come from the different cultural backgrounds but any nation and all people recognize the importance of the family. All kinds of unfortunate phenomena come from broken families. In order to realize peace, it is true that we need to begin with families of true love. And this true love can only come from a good upbringing.

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