Our home group focused on blessed family’s relatives and this time we had a family gathering with Mrs. Bolormaa’s tribe on July 13, 2019. This event was held at our Gachuurt education center in Bayanzurkh district in Ulaanbaatar. Among our participants we had 7 couples attending the blessing of marriage.

4 blessed couples, 2 second generations and 2 blessed wife all together 10 staff helped national leader, Mrs. Erdenetseteseg Erdenee to hold such a beautiful event. In a very warm atmosphere, we had blessing education for the guests and after that, we conducted holy wine. And right after that we had the blessing ceremony.

Originally, we were expecting minimum 40 couples but during the process many of them could not manage to come due to the Mongolian holidays. Finally, we had 7 couples with passion representing families could not participate.

Our main program was smoothly done with teamwork and unity of blessed families. With this success, we are planning to hold such blessing event many times more to bless our people and connect them to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.


Mr. Enkhjargal: Every step starts from number 1 even though not many couples but it’s good to do it. It was so inspiring that participants felt joy through our program.

Mrs. Altanzaya: it was warm atmosphere today families having positive attitude make me so inspiring to do Blessing continuously with hope.

Participants said that they appreciate FFWPU Mongolia creating such a nice rededication marriage ceremony. We deeply wish you teach more people and the future generations about ideal family education. We felt so much joy through your people who prepared and invested for all of us. Thank you very much.

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