After months of planning and preparations the European WRIST conference could take place in Giessen on August 10, 2019 with much support from the Giessen area members.

WRIST (World Research Institute for Science and Technology) is an organization founded by True Father in 1984 under the leadership of Dr. John CS Park. WRIST had set up groups of members in US, Europe, Japan and Korea and had run many scientifically and technically oriented projects. Due to the passing of time and aging of members the activities had slowed down, but a few years ago True Mother gave permission to revitalize WRIST activities. For this purpose, a WRIST conference was held in 2018 in Japan and now a similar event took place in Europe.

For the conference WRIST members had come for this conference from Japan, America, UK, Finland and other European countries. Church members from France, CARP and the local Giessen community attended the meeting. Several sisters from the region worked with much energy and effort to prepare the drinks, food and lunch during this day.

The meeting started with a welcome greeting and prayer from Giessen city leader Christian Claus. Then Dr. Johnson from the UK introduced WRIST and several WRIST members gave personal testimonies about their life and WRIST related activities. This included Dr. Hiroi from Japan, Dr. Combs from America and Masumi Fukawa from Japan.

Then WRIST leader Dr. CS Park gave an inspiring speech about the history and achievements of WRIST. Especially he conveyed True Father’s vision and expectations for founding WRIST.

He gave his testimony about his personal conversations, meetings and experiences with True Fathers and his guidance during that time.

As the last part of the morning conference, Dr. Hiroi spoke about the ‘Miracles of Hayabusa and Meteorites and Intelligent Design in Planetary Science’. Dr. Hiroi is a well-known Japanese scientist with a leading scientific part in the Japanese Hayabusa and HayabusaII space exploration mission. He explained the scientific purpose for this project, the various contradicting theories in the scientific community and how his own theory could finally be proved against much opposition of the mainstream theories.

He showed us many pictures and videos from his work and explained that the broader picture of space science gives strong indication that there is ‘Intelligent design’ behind the existence of the Universe and its development over billions of years. He explained the special importance of the moon for the existence of intelligent life and science on planet earth. It was very inspiring, a very profound scientific report as well as a clear testimony for the existence of an intelligent origin of the universe.

After lunch a young second generation member (Yuta Fukawa) reported about his work on ‘Potential of enzymes from ubiquitous microorganisms’. Then Jukka Mutikainen from Finland spoke about state and history of Artificial Intelligence.

This was followed by several presentations on the topic of one of the major tasks True Father gave to WRIST: the construction of a Spirit Communication Machine. Mr. Kamimura from Ja- pan could not come to Europe, but his letter and testimony was read with a summary of his work on this project under the direction of True Father.

Dr. Combs from America spoke about spirit/physical interactions, and Peter Nordquist gave us quotes from True Father’s speeches regarding Spirit / Physical World as well as True Father’s comments in support of True Mother.

Then Dr. Aoki from Tokio Dentist Medical university reported about his research in the field of repairing re-growing bones for teeth in case where the original bone structure is too retarded to hold and support teeth. He also wanted to discuss the feasibility of harmonizing Eastern and Western medicine from the drug-development point of view.

As the last speaker, Dr. Combs gave us a very interesting report about the advances in Climate Science and testified how the basic scientific principle and WRIST motto ‘Truth and Sincerity’ lead him to change his personal view on climate science (originally, he had been a ‘climate sceptic’).

After the conference many small groups discussed the topics and information we had heard on this day.

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