More than 100 brothers and sisters from all over Germany and some from neighboring countries joined in an inspiring meeting to evaluate and discuss strategies towards the goals of True Mother’s Vision 2020 on September 28 to 29, 2019 in Neumühle, Bad Camberg.

The program had a variety of aspects, offering impetus for development on the personal, inter-personal, community and outreach levels: an essay competition for 2nd gen on “How can the values of FFWPU positively influence society and how can I contribute to this?”; a Project Phoenix session led by two 2nd gen on “How to listen well to one another”; good practice reports on heavenly tribal messiah activities in Germany and Africa; and a table discussion about the status and challenges of one’s own HTM work.

A banquet at festively decorated tables and a fine three-course meal prepared by chefs Steven and Diana Winter and the young kitchen team rounded up the first day. Heidi, Stefan and Ulli provided live music and enriched the entire meeting with excellent musical performances. The evening concluded with the awarding of certificates of recognition for 20 HTM families who have blessed 430 couples by EUME regional chairs Dr. Michael and Fumiko Balcomb and Central Region and German national leaders Dieter and Ana Schmidt. Margret Staudinger enchanted the audience with the congratulatory song “Happy Heart”.

On Sunday morning, the timing was perfect for watching the rally in Korea and listening to True Mother’s speech! The theme of the morning sessions was the celebration of True Father’s Centenary and True Parents’ 60th Wedding Anniversary by proudly presenting True Parents’ work to society. Representatives of CARP, HARP, WFWP, FFWPU, UPF and the Frankfurt Book Fair Team came up with innovative ideas and plans. Our guests from France, Switzerland and Austria – Jean- Francois Moulinet, Heiner Handschin and Peter Zoehrer – gave an overview of initiatives in the fields of publications, campaigns, and media and public relations.

Finally, Fumiko and Michael Balcomb offered their motivational messages, encouraging each one of us to advance forward with the living God in their hearts: “The doors are wide open now – let people know the time for God has come!”

Three working groups on the issues “Media and PR”, “VIP outreach” and “Outreach to Churches” rounded up this inspiring meeting that left each one with the challenge to find his own specific calling among all the opportunities given.

As Dieter said in his concluding words, “the answer lies in each person’s heart, if we listen to it, we will feel inspired, and our Heavenly Parent will create miracles with us!”

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