Historical 430 Generation Ancestor Blessing Ceremony for the First time at HJ CheonBo Training Center of Asia Pacific Branch, Pak Chong Thailand.  612 total participants and 125 blessed family members attend ancestor blessing ceremony.  All participants receive so much Grace from Heavenly Parents and True Parents, in especially during Chanyang Session and Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, many miraculous and special experience with ancestors and Holy Spirit. 

Dr. and Mrs. Ronachit Phutthala, Former Chief of District and one of the greatest John the Baptists who lead and support the great expansion of Heavenly Tribal Messiah and YSP in Kalasin Thailand did ancestor liberation for 430 generations with faith and conviction in True Parents on the foundation of Jeongseong and love of Mrs. Sangkom, spiritual mother and Kalasin team who really want Dr. Ronachit and Mrs. Nuanchan Phutthala to be able to register to enter CheonBo.

There are 30 new Heavenly Tribal Messiah members from Kalasin also attend this event.  Pak Chong Training Center become more and more beautiful and holy that anybody invest their Jeongseong of prayer, they can gain good spiritual experience with their ancestors. 

Thank you so much for True Parents who investment and make Jeongseong to open the gate of ancestor liberation and blessing and restoration of spiritual world through CheonBo providence. Thank you so much Rev.Kim In Cheon, Rev.Edgar Tanate and Mr. Prasert Pa-ngam, HJ CheonBo Asia Pacifric Branch leaders who invest and making condition for great success.  All blessed families and members receive so much amazing grace, holy spirit and love from TP and spiritual world.  It is truly amazing that we can liberate and bless our ancestor for 430 generation. Thank you so much Heavenly Parent and true Parents for your amazning grace and love through CheonBo providence.


We brought blessed families from the tribe’s team together. Actually everyone was impressed, especially about attending Chanyang session. One mother who was a medium, during  Chanyang session and ancestors liberation she experienced and saw True Father came to her directly and greeted her during the Chanyang session and then she prayed. True Father told that he would go to Kalasin together. This was one experience. For me during ancestors’ liberation in this time I wished to the district chief who dedicated, hard worked and supported many families to success in the tribal messiah mission. I must try my best to explain to the district chief to understand and desire to achieve the ancestors’ liberation.

Before I came here I did condition very hard to explain this point to the district chief and madam because they had not yet liberated even one generation which rather a lot of money but I prayed and offered condition 40 bows with the team. We wish them to achieve becoming a Cheonbo couple. What amazing it was, both of them united and desire to achieve by themselves without accusations. Even there was not enough budget but they tried to achieve this. Because before they knew the amount of money they helped their daughter buy a house that spent a lot of money. But this was a miracle and they united and followed in direction of True Parents without any questions.

This was a great experience and they were VIP who hard worked. Even before this event we had a leadership meeting at a local level to create a network especially about blessing ceremony and YSP. And the most important experience that was when we liberated our ancestors 384-430 generations of my family. Before the ancestors entered to the ceremony I experienced my ancestors walked and came to me already and nudged my arms and elbows as if they wanted to tell me that we came.

Actually I experienced like this every time before ancestors blessing. This was their determinations to receive the blessings from God and True Parents. For the content, I thought Cheongpyeong Providence was beautiful and amazing through Chanyand session and made impressions. _ Sangkom Netsopa, 360,000 Couple

I was very determined to complete 430 generations’ Ancestor Blessing on the vertical level because I registered in CheonBo already. Therefore the only one remain was Ancestor Blessing  and the most important was Cambodia Providence that would hold Asia Pacific Summit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in November 18-21 by this year. I wanted to bring ancestors 430 generations to welcome True Parents and I wanted to work with ancestors to prepare this event successfully. And I always prayed for both my ancestors and all Cambodian ancestors to be part of this event and all our ancestors worked together harmoniously for True Parents and Heavenly Parent.

Actually after giving birth to the third child I couldn’t find my blessing ring because before I gave birth I needed to remove the ring before enter the delivery room and my husband forgot where to keep it. I prayed for years because I wanted it back. Finally for 1 year and almost three months I found it again. I knew that my ancestors helped me to found it because remained two weeks I had to bless ancestors and also use the blessing ring. This was a grace truly that everything worked smoothly and therefore during ancestor liberation and blessing workshop I was very determined to follow the schedule seriously, even though I had to take care of the three children.

I wanted to offer sincerity in attending the event because this was honor to ancestors and all  speakers who offer their utmost sincere devotions even holding back tears while gave a speech to us at the ceremony. Thank you Dr .Lek Thaveetermsakul, Rev.Kim In Cheon and Rev.Kamol Thananopavarn who gave a profound lecture. And I wanted to honor brothers and sisters ,the staffs  who worked hard. And above all, I wanted to honor True Parents who gave all of us the grace.

The ancestors waited for 19 years then I could complete 430 generations’ Ancestor Blessing from the first time in 2000 when I began to liberate ancestors until October 6.

I knew well that ancestors waited for long time and ordeal. Without True Parents, today couldn’t happen truly. There was no way for all of our ancestors to be saved absolutely. No matter how good we were or how good we did, we couldn’t save our ancestors without the grace and blessing from Heavenly Parent and True Parents, the Messiah of Mankind.

I knew well that my ancestors are grateful, thankful and indescribable gratitude to Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I offered all glory to Heavenly Parent and True Parents of heaven, earth, and humankind. _Jarurin Saito

My Reflection for this workshop, actually before deciding to join this ancestor and liberation workshop…I have a bit worried and difficult to make decision as family’s economic at the moment is in a bit difficult but everyday before the workshop I felt like my ancestor is requesting and calling me to join this workshop  finally I have decided to join this workshop…and when I have decided to join I felt that all worrying and burden in my heart are all gone even only small amount left in my bank account…it will be fine…it will be okay…don’t worry… I heard that voice all the time came from inside of myself. I felt that is God’s comfort and love to me.

During chanyang session I felt so much grace and love….my server back and shoulder pain has become so much better… My body became lighter not heavy like before I came. The last chanyang session I was crying without of control and I felt that it is my all ancestors who were crying with joy and happiness and with thankful heart. I really felt my ancestor’s presence there very near even I can’t see them. During ancestor’s blessing time I saw like there are many white fog and smoke inside the room similar when standing on high mountain and can see fog at high place. I felt that they are full of our ancestor’s spirit which full of happiness and love in that room. Thanks to heavenly father and True Parents and also my good ancestors who pushed me to come to this workshop. I will try my best to continue my portion of responsibility. Aju Aju Aju _Tanita Andres, 360,000 Couples

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