By Stefan Schmidt, FFWPU Germany

In the last week of February (on February 24 – 29, 2020), Hans Campman, Taka Wakayama and myself got together again in our recording studio in Hurlach to record seven more Holy Songs, seven Worship / WS Songs, four Japanese songs and one Korean song.

Furthermore we had to re-record 10 Holy Songs from the first recording session to improve them technically. I also bought a new piano, which Hans chose and which is better for him and his finger technique. This time we were able to record a total of 19 songs. And at the moment we have 28 newly recorded Holy Songs in a lower and more pleasant key. One song was a special request for the Japanese WS in Istanbul which is taking place at the moment.

Many brothers and sisters and communities worldwide have already downloaded Holy Songs from the Hyojeongculture website. Mostly from Eastern Europe, South Amerika, Philippines, but also Israel, Korea, Japan and even Africa.

Thanks to Jae-Sook we were offered delicious food the whole time and we hope to hold a third Holy Song recording session again, perhaps around Easter.

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