By Marius Bouguhe, FFWPU Côte d´Ivoire

Two months after the success of the third annual Hyojeong CheonBo seminar of 2019, the national headquarters of the church organized the special Greeting Card offering ceremony. Hundreds of Cards have been conveyed to the national holy land, in Yamoussoukro (Center of the country). The special prayer ceremony, organized on the morning of February 27, 2020, led by our National Leader.


Houinsou Célestin (Vice-President of the church): “I thank the National Leader for having organized this special prayer offering Greeting Cards. I pray that the Heavenly Parent will accept and fulfill the wishes of his children…”

Pastor Adams Isa (National Pastoral Director): “This prayer is very important for the whole of the nation and above all for the wishes of blessed families to be granted”

Gahe Henri (Director Department of Blessed Families): “This is a very vital activity. Our community needs to multiply the spiritual activities that create happiness in families. I congratulate the President for organizing the seminars of Hyojeong CheonBo and today, this prayer of offering. Thank you “

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