by Deborah K. HARP-committee

This workshop from April 14 to 17, 2020, attracted seventeen participants and the motto (also the motto for the year) was “Coming Home to You”. By ‚You‘ we are referring to our Heavenly Parents and ‚Home‘ is our original home.

The lectures and presentations were based on the ‚three stages of growth‘. The lectures on the first day were from Leandro, who was recently blessed, on the topic: ‚my path to faith‘. Of importance here was to give priority to personal faith. We wanted to animate the participants to take their own responsibility in tackling the topic.

The topic of the second day was: “my lifestyle – purity as a way of life” and Nicole and Mike, who are expecting their first child, gave a personal presentation. They spoke about their path to the Blessing and what steps, also those taken already in their youth, were decisive in their preparation.

On the final day, Dieter gave a presentation on the topic of: “my life and the community/fellowship”. He connected personal experiences with knowledge of the Principle and gave us a glimpse into a public life in and for the community.

We started every day with HDH and ended with team meetings (breakout-room function). Because the participants only had a formal program in the morning (08.30-12.30), they had to be responsible to gainfully spend the afternoon. To support them, we send each a booklet (attached) for reflection and containing ‚daily challenges‘, which they could structure into their daily schedule. Many were of the opinion that they could, especially in this time, establish a routine and wished that ‚the workshop could continue‘.

New HARP Project

The feedback was so positive (since the workshop I have felt born-again!‘ – one female participant), that we have initiated a project: “Make the workshop into your daily life!” We now invite the whole of HARP by whatsapp to reflect together at 8.00 am via zoom. We finish with a small inspirational talk by one of the participants (“morning service”). This is repeated every evening at 7.00 pm followed by the opportunity to share. Many join in these daily meetings and the opportunity to participate is open to all.

All in all, the workshop was highly successful, with retroactive effects.

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