By Nchia Kamran Nuifahnu, FFWPU Cameroon

Dear Beloved True Mother, the Only Begotten Daughter of Heavenly Parent and the embodiment of Heavenly Mother, it is with a heart of sincere gratitude and repentance that your children in Cameroon offer this report to you. Below is the report of the distribution of the Special True Love Funds that you granted to us through our Regional Group Chair. The distribution of the funds took place on Sunday, the 21st of June 2020 at the national Headquarter of FFWPU Cameroon.

The ceremony began with the national leader saying “True Mother is preoccupied with the situation of each individual and family. She gives rebirth to all without exception and we should keep in mind that if we follow True Mother’s instructions, we shall be victorious. Therefore, our sense of responsibility should be viewed from a greater angle because blessings always come with accomplishments. True Mother’s love is unconditional; She has pressed all the milk from her breast till the last drop for us in Cameroon as well as in all other nations of the world so as to be able to benefit from her maternal love. She is not just our True Mother but the substantial manifestation of Heavenly Mother and also, looking at the moment we’re living there wasn’t a better timing for this to be done because our True Mother wants to pull us out of our miserable situations, she decided to look into our coffers to chip in something so as to ameliorate the living standards of her children. He called on members to remain absolutely united have faith and obedience to their Abel for they speak not of their own authority but the directives of the True Parents. We were asked to give a record of the status of each blessed central family in Cameroon because it is thanks to this that our True Mother can determine the situations of these families.

The National Leader elaborated more on the Special Funds granted by True Mother to all blessed central families and encouraging them to receive it with a lot of gratitude and humility and to consider it as a seed that has to multiply and spread True Parents’ blessing throughout the nation. Jin Hee Amelia and Hak Ja Takam offered a song of gratitude for the unconditional love our True Parents has for us shown through this special funds. He then offered a prayer of gratitude on behalf of all blessed families in Cameroon and proceeded by sharing the provisions with the blessed families. The provisions were shared to families in blocs of trinities to facilitate the distribution. Each and every family received 8kg of “Hyojeong rice”, 1 litre of “Hyojeong cooking oil” and a “Hyojeong envelope Funds of 20,000 CFA about 40 USD”.  Each family signed a form after taking a photo affirming that they had received the above-mentioned items. All families who received were filled with joy and gratitude to True Mother for her genuine expression of love for blessed families.

True Mother Kamsam hamnida, True Mother sarang hamnida. Below are reflections of some of your children.


  • As we are still in the confined situation due to the COVID 19 Pandemic where most of our families are unable to perform in their small businesses, True Mother came in to uplift the heavy burden families have as their financial situation is concerned. True Mother gave new energy to our life by offering to each family the needed element at this moment which is food, as food is love. We are so grateful receiving this directly from Her.   True Mother we Love you _ Edwin Plekhanov National Leader HPHC FFWPU Cameroon
  • My family was so touched by our TM’s special fund.We felt our TM has the great wish to feed all humankind via the unification church.She embraces all of us in an inconditional way and cares for each of us more than we can imagine.We are just so grateful. _ Stephen and Lau Family 1275 Couples
  • I am personally greatful for this gift from True mother and for the efforts she makes even though her body may be weak she only thinks of the wellbeing of the 7.5 billion billion people on this earth. Gomawoyo, Jinjeonghan Eomeoni. Ulineun Neoleul Salanghae.  _ Jin-Hee Amelia Ondoua, 2nd Generation
  • It is a great opportunity in all of history to receive True Mothers love while she is on earth. We are forever grateful to our beloved True Mother for the abundant love, grace and sacrifice she is making everyday for the entire universe and especially for her children in Africa. This special True love funds shall serve as a seed to develop our hyojeong in all areas of our lives, HTM, economy and health. Kamsa Hamnida True Mother! We love you! _ Nchia Kamran Nuifahnu, YSP Cameroon President.
  • The covid-19 pandemic has brought world activities almost to a standstill. But it’s at this time that unexpectedly True Mother is once more manifesting her unconditional love to blessed families by providing food and money to us. Words can’t express the joy and happiness of our family toward our True Mother, her heartfelt gesture has invigorated us not to despair but to remain steadfast in our commitment to accompany our beloved True Mother realize the Heavenly Parents dream of the firm establishment of CIG. True Mother, we love you, may you have good health, long life, we truly want to become your filial children who can comfort your heart eternally. How we wish we had the opportunity to offer you a cup of water as an expression of our attendance to you. And how we wish we could one day host a True Mother in our country, in our home. Yes, because children like to stay beside their mother to hear her loving voice, stories, feel her loving heart and warm touch of the hand. Honestly nothing can separate us from you, True Mother. In love they say, distance is not a bearer, please True Mother feel the devotion, determination and commitment of our heart we want to truly resemble you as we strive to fulfil our responsibility of filial sons and daughters whom you have toiled to recreate in the midst of suffering shedding your sweat, tears and blood for the sake of heaven. If only we could make this become a national event we could proclaim and acknowledge the love of the Only Begotten Daughter of God, the Mother of Peace, the Holy Spirit in substance, the Mother of humanity._ family of George, Charlotte, Unja, Il Chi Ndode and Eric Metuge
  • My impression about the gifts from True mother is that of gratitude. She offered it in a very difficult moment in my life when I and my sister had barely money to feed and run around. It’s just as if she knew what was going on. I never expected it and all I can say to True Mother, the True Parents and those who shared the items is thank you!! _Tina Bame, 2nd Generation
  • As we generally say – “nobody can understand and love a child as his/ her mother would do”. In this corona time where things are difficult due to many activities on standby, mother read directly through our hearts and knew exactly what to do to comfort us because that’s how my family feels now. We take as a blessing with a very grateful heart. Thank you, True Mother, we love you. _ In Yeon Moffo, 2nd generation Youth Missionary
  • I will like to offer my sincere gratitude to True mother for the special funds given to us. The Covid 19 pandemic has been a difficult situation for people all over the world. This initiative is a good and lifesaving one. Several families during this period are facing a lot of difficulty to feed. Movements were restricted, some even lost their jobs. This special funds from True Mother is the best thing blessed families need at this moment. To me it serves as some kind of reconnection to our origins the True Parents. This has made several families not only happy but have hope that the True Parents always have them in heart and know the situation that each and every person is in. I want to thank true mother for her unconditional love to give and always give._Ndum Stancia Youth Missionary
  • 9.    My Husband children and I are very grateful to our True Mother for showing so much concern to blessed families and see her gift as Heavenly Parent Fortune and Blessings trying to raise us up for prosperity. We believe in her love for Heavenly Parents and all humanity and pray to be able to comfort her Heart, may all her wishes come true. Aju! _Rachel Van Iersel, Blessed Wife Cameroon

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