Prepared by UPF New Zealand

On August 1, 2020, about 25 peace loving people gathered today to explore a new vision of for Nation Building and Peace. UPF NZ organized 1 Day Leadership Seminar physically after about 3 months of lock down period. The ambassadors for peace, the friends, and family members attended and enjoyed with heart of reunion.

Three sessions were given before lunch: The life and teaching of Father Moon with his personal experience by Geoffrey Prentice/UPF advisor; the lecture of the spirit world & how it relates to life of earth by Geoffrey Fyers/UPF SG; the goal of human history by Adel Jamati/Director of Education.

After wonderful lunch prepared by our catering team, Kenji Watanabe/UPF Chair introduced the mission of Father Moon and Mother Moon as family building – nation building and world peace.  Mr. Elliot Ikilei, Deputy Leader of New Conservative Party that try to reflect pro-family policy on the politics shared his reflections on the presentations and appreciated the effort of the UPF as it supports pro-family policies. 

Despite of the extension of the schedule about one hour, many people remained until the end of the programme and promised to come to next occasion.

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