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Thanks to all the effort and constant words of encouragement, from Our Beloved True Mother, which open our closed hearts, inspire us to continue and become children of filial piety in the face of the desire and will of Our Heavenly Father.

In this opportunity in Commemoration of the 8th Anniversary of the Ascension of the Our True Father, the UPF Bolivia chapter carried out an event via zoom, where they exposed the life, work and work that they carried out solely and fully to the fulfillment of the will of God.

The program was developed with the video presentation where the beginning and development of the True Father’s Work at UPF was exposed, followed by words from UPF Sub-Region 3 Director Rev.

As a central part of the event the former Secretary General of UPF Bolivia, Engineer David Pereyra transmitted us the “Review of the World Work of UPF’s founder” then a Video “Citizen Life and Work of Doctor Rev.

There were 4 members of the Legislative Assembly, 4 international religious authorities, members of the AIPP, the media, represented by their Own Managers, members of the UPF, making a total of more than 120 attendees.

Two members of AIPP, gave their personal testimony, where they expressed deep gratitude for being part of this great work, which was initiated by Our True Father, Rev Sun Myong Moon, and rekindled the commitment to work in the culture of love, and transmit the culture of peace to the world.

At the end of the event, three new members of the AIPP were appointed, who committed themselves to work with strength and unity, for the fulfillment of the ideal of Our True Father, which is the construction of a world of peace.


Dra. Susana Leyton Ambassador of Peace: Thank you Nestor, greet Rev. Lee, Director of UPF Latin America in Sub region 3, have also a good afternoon all the authorities of UPF, in their different organizations and good afternoon Ambassadors of Peace, and all those who are present through this medium, on this occasion.

Sun Myong Moon, who as we have seen in the videos that have preceded us, dedicated his life to the service of humanity, seeking to eliminate racial, religious, social and cultural differences in this world.

I must recognize mainly, within the personal and professional development that I have marked the influence of Rev. Sun Myong Moon, since the appointment that makes me with his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, as an ambassador of peace, I begin with a new challenge in my life.

Each time, until that moment evidently, my person only had in mind the formation of moral and religious ethical values, which both my parents and the church instilled in me, values like those that happen in all people, obviously start from the Principle of Creation, from Our God the Father, many times we are beaten when having a profession, a political or social change relationship

I must express my person before entering the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, I had already dedicated my profession to help the voiceless, the unprotected and above all the elderly, but from the moment related, it happens that in my life through the invitation of the UPF in 2005, a question arises, why I had been appointed Ambassador of Peace,

A greater commitment than I had then was born in me and, I began to analyze day after day, to internalize and strengthen my way of life, practicing the culture of peace, the culture of love, not only in my family, but in my work in which I perform as a judge of this district, in my dependents, my students, and with social relations.

So, since the origin of love is established in the family, not only as a source of inspiration to achieve a work according to what I was looking for and needed, but also established a human path that is a breath of hope, faith and love, which began from creation, with Our God the Father, in the family, in school, universities, institutions at the cultural, religious, ethnic and social level, which would seek to introduce the culture of peace in schools and universities.

Interreligious and interculturality is a change that was sometimes impossible to achieve because of the state in which we lived and we did not have collaboration, but thanks to the commitment, the will, the love of Rev Sun Myong Moon and his wife and all the followers, we can see that now with much pleasure, that if a transformation has been achieved, although not 100%, at least 50% of the people in the world are seeking this change, starting with the presidents, rulers of other countries, and political and religious authorities, who every day seek a unified world, created by God, under the culture of peace, love and hope

Although in the different countries, now more than anything, I believe that the best recognition that can be given to Rev Sun Myong Moon, is to demonstrate that everything that happened and lived was not in vain, and that the commitment continues among all his family, followers and ambassadors of peace, that we seek better days for this world.

So I invite everyone to join this challenge and new challenge we have in this time, under the motto “If you don’t live to serve, you don’t serve to live”.

Thank you very much!

General Freddy Blanco Ambassador of Peace: First of all, good afternoon, fraternal greetings to each one of you, who have the privilege of participating in this ceremony commemorating the 8th year of Rev. Dr. Sun Myong Moon’s ascension.

Really all of us who were able to see and appreciate the two videos that were presented to us, were able to see the magnitude of the great work that this man did, really a titanic work that together with his wife Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon did to achieve and demonstrate to the whole world that it is possible to work for peace.

I know that for each one of you it is even a little unusual for a soldier who has been trained for war to talk about peace, but, the important and fundamental thing that makes this soldier able to address all of you and talk to you about peace, is because he knows the atrocities that a war entails.

Very independently of all that, I have to thank the Universal Peace Federation, the opportunity it gave me to be part of it and to participate in a series of events during many years, in which I had the opportunity to see in a direct way, the great satisfaction of being able to share and listen to Rev..

Talking about him on this special occasion, where we commemorate the eighth anniversary of his ascension to the kingdom of God, allows me to make some reflections, it is incredible to think, that on September 3, 2012, Rev Sun Myong Moon has started that ascension, and 8 years have passed where his brave wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon has continued that legacy he left to humanity.

Today his wife, along with the entire team of the Universal Peace Federation, carries out and continues this work, this man who dedicated his entire life to building a world of peace, to building good families, with moral and spiritual values, lovers of peace, that we all deeply love God, and that we achieve a deep and loving relationship with Him.

Rev Moon dedicated his entire life to religious reconciliation and unification, to see that such rivalry does not exist and that on the contrary all, and every religion that longs for peace and proclaims love, unites and tries to achieve that goal as great as is peace for the world.

Rev Moon transcended racial, ideological and religious divisions, as a global citizen who loved peace, his vision was not only limited to the spiritual, he embraced all areas of the human being, such as family, business, education, art, sports.

So with that vision, with that faith in achieving that goal, he empowered all that he set out to do, all that activity and that diversity of tasks that Rev Moon performed, were with the noble and altruistic goal of only achieving World Peace, paying attention to his legacy in North America, South America, and through the various movements around the world.

I am sure, as our dear David said, that he would not have enough time to name the titanic task he performed.

And only with that goal, so altruistic and so great that is to achieve world peace.

In this very special ceremony, I want to share with all of you, and I am sure that I will agree with all those who had the opportunity to meet and share with Rev. Moon, in some conferences that he participated in or presided over, we could feel and perceive all his strength and energy, which he radiated, all of these very positive things, he did every time he reflected with that wisdom, with things that were very punctual and correct, he could be speaking for more than 12, 13, 15 hours and he never lost heart, on the contrary, every time time time passed, he was strengthened and his energy increased, he had a very special and practical way of approaching problems, and even more of giving very concrete solutions to each one of them, and he did it with that incredible facility, that all those people who have that natural gift can do it, his capacity had no limits, he was truly a person, and an exceptional, and extraordinary being.

Today that it has been almost 8 years since he began his ascension to the Kingdom of God, I want, on this opportunity to recognize his great life, as he through his work and sacrifice, self-sacrifice throughout his life, to fight, and struggle, with the sole objective of achieving peace in the world.

He, showed us the way, and today we have nothing left but to honor his memory and continue trying to imitate that noble and altruistic purpose, as he always sought, in achieving peace among us all and around the world, I know it is very utopian, but not impossible, he has shown us, and has left us that legacy, our task is titanic and we must continue it, it is only to know how to fulfill and be the example for all those generations, who come after us.

On this special day, I pay my gratitude and tribute to Rev Moon, who has fought and still fights for peace in the world.

Thank you very much, for the opportunity you give me to express and make you feel the thought of this soldier.

Thank you!

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