By Ross Grange UPF Chile

UPF Chile was very happy to participate in ILC 2020 in Latin America, which was conducted online on the September 11 to 13 2020.  The conferences were very well organized and were inspiring for both our members and guests who participated in and viewed from Chile.

The following conferences were of particular interest for the people in Chile:

Session Five: International Association of First Ladies for Peace (IAFLP)

Several Family Federation members and also Women´s Federation for World Peace associates watched this presentation. As True Parents have stated, this is the age of Woman leadership in the world.  As such the combination of excellent panelists and good content was very motivating.

Session Four: International Association for Peace and Development (IAPD)

Being oriented toward towards worldwide religious leaders and their important role in society, this conference was very inspiring, including the excellent direction orchestrated by its moderator, Archbishop Stallings. In Chile, we invited the participation of some local religious leaders who enjoyed the conference. The IAPD will surely quickly develop into an important force in the world for the unity of religions and the strengthening of their role in the society, fulfilling a dream of True Parents. 

Session Six: International Media Association for Peace (IMAP)

It was very enlightening to hear to hear the perspectives of several important international media figures in relation to the extensive changes that are occurring due the advent of social media and the digitalization of new media in general. More importantly, it was refreshing to hear about the inspiration of several of these veterans of the news media, as they connect with IMAP and its vision centered upon True Parents and their enduring commitment to God centered moral responsibility in media.

Session Eight: International Association for Peace and Economic Development (IAED)

This session was special for us in Chile, due to the excellent presentation of Nicole Verdugo from Chile, who is the Executive Director of the Chamber of Women and Business in Chile, as well as inspiring words from several other outstanding panelists. It is amazing how True Parents vision and direction are touching all aspects of life and human endeavor.

On behalf of all of our members and guests in Chile who participated and viewed the ILC conference over the three days, we would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Walsh, Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Yang, Rev. Shin, Mr. Thomas McDevitt, and all of the staff who did an amazing job to provide a professional and inspiring conference. And of course, we would especially like to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to True Parents for their incredible vision to create the various organizations under UPF, which were showcased in this event, all of which are so vital in the process of restoration. 

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