By June Darby, BCLC

We held our first meeting since Lockdown started. I wanted to make it a special event so we decided to award Ambassador of Peace certificates to the invited Pastors. As their CV’s came in I was very humbled and awed by how much they give to help various needy people here and abroad .

They were all very moved, appreciative and felt honoured by the awards, bringing family and supporters along. We were very blessed to have Dr and Mrs Mrs Balcombe with us, so they presented the certificates. Dr Balcombe gave an inspiring talk about True Father, commemorating his 100th Anniversary, pointing out significant posters highlighting True Parents’ work, and gave a moving account of True Father ‘s encounter with Jesus .

Our MC, Rev Isaac Ayani gave a powerful homily on the significance of God’s work Yesterday, Today and the Future, encouraging Pastors strongly to study Divine Principle.

Russell Gough raised the atmosphere with his singing and guitar, accompanied by Dr Hanna on the piano, while we hummed along, as singing wasn’t allowed.

Dr David Hanna gave an excellent lecture on the Fallen Nature as it affects us, and on indemnity, which are 2 key topics for Pastors to understand.

UPF generously donated some of their refreshments to us, so we could share our abundance with all.

I am very grateful to Robert Torok for setting up a zoom at short notice.

Our Pastors are all very dynamic people, abd with Rev Rufus Thomas, the 2nd in charge of C.A.C Europe, I have great hope for the future – awakening Christians to the reality of God’s Providence today.

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