Cheongpyeong, September 28, 2020

I have named this place the Hanwon Korea House. Did I not mention in the past that I would plan this Cheonwon Garden, and that I would show you what heaven on earth, where Heavenly Parent’s dreams have come true, looks like? Hence, each item that was planned is gradually being realized. When this entire plan is completed, Heavenly Parent will walk through this beautiful garden, and pass by here to take some rest. As He rests and views the surrounding landscape, He will think: Ah, I can have this experience with my loving children thanks to True Parents. With such a grateful heart, Heavenly Parent will rest, have some tea, eat some delicious rice cake, and depending on time, He might even enjoy a nice meal. In the beginning, I thought the site was a bit small, and wondered whether the grand Hanwon Korea House could really be erected there. So initially, I thought we might build something like a pavilion, but I felt the strong desire to attend Heavenly Parent throughout all four seasons. Consequently, this Hanwon Korea House will be a haven for Heavenly Parent, where He can come to rest, a place where He will feel joy looking at nature.

That is why I have asked that owls be placed here looking in all directions. People all over the world love owls. During the Goguryeo period, their symbolic bird was the crow, which was called Sam-Jok-O [the three-legged black bird, the intermediary between Heaven and people). During the Joseon Dynasty, the magpie was used. We even have a children’s song entitled, Magpie—Magpie’s New Year’s Day. However, in the era of Cheon Il Guk, it is the owl, which is a bird that will protect Heavenly Parent’s beloved children 24 hours a day without ceasing, block anything that is impure, and bring good fortune upon them. So centered on this garden, I have called this place the Buheung Garden. Within this Korea House will be a restaurant and all other facilities. They will form the “HJ Buheung Waterside Café.” In this way, the term ‘Buheung’ will be included. [Translator’s note: Buheung usually means revival or resurrection, but on that day, Dr. Young-ho Yun explained that the bu (부) in buheung (부흥) here means prosperity.]

The Hanwon Korea House is located in the nation where — for the only time in history — True Parents were born. It is also an eco-friendly building. I hope you can use it frequently and come to like it a lot.

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