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On 1st July 2020 UPF Sikkim hosted first special webinar after the outbreak of COVID-19 Global Pandemic on the theme “Corona Pandemic and Its Impact in Human Life: The Way Forward”

Distinguished panelists including the Minister of State Government of Sikkim were invited to deliver their special remarks in which Asia Pacific Regional Group Chair of UPF/FFWPU Dr. Chung Sik Yong delivered the special greetings remarks on behalf of the UPF Founders. As the second speaker of the Webinar Hon. M. K. Sharma, Minister of Health, Government of Sikkim delivered his special remarks. In his remarks he appreciated the UPF for organizing such webinar for suggesting the way forward by overcoming the plights of pandemic. Hon. Member of Legislative Assembly of Sikkim Mrs. Rajkumari Thapa delivered her remarks expressing her concerns over the short-term and long-term impacts of Coronavirus in human lives.

A very special remarks was delivered by Prof. M. P. Lama, Senior Professor of Jawharlal Nehru University and Chief Economic Advisor (Cabinet Rank) in the Government of Sikkim. In his remarks he particularly pointed out many concerns of Himalayan region of India when facing the pandemic outbreak and suggested the governments for effective COVID-19 crisis management strategies. He especially concerned for the possible economic crisis in the lower income classes families and overall food supply to all people in the midst of the ongoing strict lockdown periods.

Other speaker panelist were Hon. G. M. Gurung, Former Minister of Government of Sikkim and Chairman of UPF-Sikkim and Shri H. P. Dhalak, Government of Sikkim Employee and Education Secretary of UPF-Sikkim

Nearly 150 participants registered to join the webinar and out of which 102 joined in Zoom and nearly 400 people watched live in Facebook.

Mr. Krishna Adhikari, Secretary General served as the moderator and overall coordinator of webinar . Mr. Adhikari also delivered a short presentation on introduction of UPF during the webinar.

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