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On 1st August 2020 IAPP-India hosted a very special Webinar on the theme “COVID-19 and Beyond: Challenges and Opportunities in Changing World”. Speakers included the seven (7) current Senior Parliamentarians of India along with Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Chair of UPF/IAPP-Asia Pacific and Amb. K. V. Rajan, Chairman of UPF-India joined the webinar as the speakers. Seven MPs were as below: Hon. Bhubaneswar Kalita, Member of Parliament of India and Chairman of IAPP-South Asia, Hon. Tiruchi Siva, Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. L. Hanumanthaia, Member of Parliament, Hon. K. Somaprasad, Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Banda Prakash, Member of Parliament, Hon. K. Ravindra Kumar, Member of Parliament, Hon. N. Gokulakrishnan, Member of Parliament.

Kindly click the below link for the detailed report of the webinar is summarized by Senior Journalist and Ambassador for Peace of UPF as an article for their digital news platform.

Click here to see the detail report about this webinar.

Mr. Krishna Adhikari, Secretary General served as the moderator and overall coordinator of webinar . Mr. Adhikari also delivered a short presentation on introduction of UPF during the webinar.

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