True Mother spoke to Cheonbo couples, at the Grand Cheonbo Festival celebrating the Centenary of True Father and the 60th Anniversary of the Holy Wedding of True Parents & Special Blessing Ceremony 2020 which was held on October 10, 2020

How long we have been waiting for this one day! Our Heavenly Parent has wanted to fulfill His dreams together with his children on earth. However, the human Fall filled our Heavenly Parent with so much pain. How difficult it has been for Him, how much He has endured, how long He has waited for this moment.

The families inducted as Cheonbo today are the authentic citizens of Cheon Il Guk, registered as the original clear and pure Cheonbo (heavenly treasures) that Heavenly Parent has dreamed of seeing.

While we are on earth we must offer to the Heavenly Parent, who has been waiting, one family of humankind that attends the Parent of all people, which is Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ heartfelt desire. In welcoming this day, families inducted into CheonBo today have the responsibilities of the citizens of Cheon Il Guk. How we expand our heavenly spiritual energy as CheonBo families toward our neighbors, tribes, nations and the world while we are on earth will determine whether we fulfill our responsibilities as families happily registered under the name of CheonBo—and through this we will achieve eternal freedom when we go to the spirit world. I hope, then, that you will all become great and prominent families who receive respect and love forevermore, generation after generation, throughout the course of human history.

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