By Osamu & Mercedes Tomita, HTM Madrid, Spain

In this autumn, we have been planting the heavenly seeds of True Father’s Centennial in different ways:

In the Catholic Church, I went with a sister and together we visited a Catholic priest in a Convent, we gave him the Magazine about the Centennial and for 20 minutes we explained to him about True Father’s life. We gave him two copies of the Magazine. He was grateful for the explanations because he understood we are not a Sect but an International Movement working for Families and World Peace in all fields of society. He was impressed by the good quality and content of the magazine.

In our HDH Family Church, I invited a sister and a contact that she is a Dr. in natural medicine from Bolivia. Together we prayed, read the 37 pages of the magazine and we spoke about it. She was the one that wanted to read the whole magazine. She could understand deeply about True Parent’s holy work to save mankind.
As a couple, we visited some villages on the weekend to put the leaflets about True Father’s Centennial in the letterbox of their citizens. It was a joyful and beautiful experience being together and giving the chance to people to know about Father’s life and achievements. 
In the streets, I put in my village and another one, some of our leaflets in the bus stop, in the street walls and cars.
By WhatsApp and email, I’ve sent also the Centennial web to most of my contacts in these two ways. Those more close to us they expressed how Rev. Moon has done so many things in his life, it’s truly remarkable!!!
We feel that all the material about True Father’s Centennial is very well done!!! It’s truly professional. I’d like to thanks from the bottom of my heart to all those involved in creating and designing this magnificent magazine, leaflets and web site. I’m so proud of all your good efforts, smart minds, and wise hearts.

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