Posted on May 27, 2014, 12:26 pm
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가정연합의 비전은 하나님의 참사랑을 상속받는 것입니다.

The vision of FFWPU is to inherit God’s true love.


하늘부모님은 우리 인간을 자녀로 창조하셨습니다.

Heavenly Parent created us, human beings, as his children.


평화로운 세상 속에서 인격을 완성한 상대를 만나 가정을 이루고 자녀를 낳아 행복한 가정을 이루길 바라셨습니다.

He wished that his children would grow in a peaceful world, meet a partner of mature character, marry, have children, and build happy families.

그러나 인간의 타락으로 하늘부모님의 창조목적은 이뤄지지 못하고 말았습니다.

Heavenly Parent’s purpose of creation, however, could not be achieved as a result of the Human Fall.

하늘부모님의 참된 자녀가 되어 아름다운 참사랑을 나누며 웃음과 행복이 가득한 가정을 이루는 것.

His ideal of creation was to establish a world where all people mature into His true children, share beautiful true love, and form families filled with laughter and happiness.

화합과 조화로 평화를 이루는 사회.

Heavenly Parent envisioned a society that achieves peace through harmony,

하늘부모님의 창조이상은 자녀인 우리 인류가 참사랑을 중심으로 평화롭고 행복하게 잘 사는 것입니다.

And one in which all humanity, who are His children, live well in peace and happiness centered on true love.

원수를 용서하고 사탄까지 품을 수 있는 것은 하늘부모님의 참사랑 밖에 없습니다.

Only through Heavenly Parent’s true love can we love our enemies and embrace Satan.

우리는 그 참사랑을 상속 받아야 합니다.

We must inherit this true love.

가정연합은 하늘부모님의 참사랑을 상속받아 당신의 창조이상을 이루어 나가겠습니다.

We, members of FFWPU, will inherit Heavenly Parent’s true love, and strive to achieve Heavenly Parent’s ideal of creation.

On the foundation of the Holy Spirits Association for the Unification of World Christianity founded in 1954, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification was established in 1994 with the goal in promoting ideal families that attend God. Since 1996 it has been used as the official name of the Unification Church.

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification has a vision of creating a peaceful world through true families where three generations come together as one under the ideal God envisioned at the time of creation.

The essence of what is taught in the Unification Church is simple. It is the formation of an ideal family through which God can be joyful. A husband and wife who are tied together through God’s love are an absolute couple, a unique couple, an unchanging couple and an eternal couple. The ideal is that a family realm of three generations, connected to God’s love, s formed. God is present in such a family. When such a family is expanded to a tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos, then it becomes the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven.

– Rev. Sun Myung Moon (Cheon Seong Gyeong, 491)

Life in the kingdom of God is a life of living for the sake of others. The fundamental essence of life is in leading a life of loving your family and neighbors as you love God. In order to love others, you should first strive to live for the sake of others rather than simply wishing others to serve you. Indeed, you should give unconditionally and continue to do so while forgetting that you ever gave. Members of the Federation engage in service programs and acts of sharing to embody true love and contribute in creating a peaceful society.


The meaning of the family federation name sign is,
A visual and symbolic representation of the ideology and philosophy of the “God-centered True Family.”
It is a representative symbol of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification .
Mark shows that ‘True family centered on God and love is the foundation of the true universe.’
In other words, in the sun symbolizing God, there is a family of three that are centered on love, and the meaning of the four major empires and the three major kingdoms can be engraved.
And the circle around which the true family rights are exchanged means “the sky and the earth (the heavens and the earth) that is permanently unified, centered and harmonized with the true family.”