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Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing


◎ The Significance of the Blessing

The era in which the Blessing is given is the most important time. It is the time when God’s wishes can finally be fulfilled and His grief of the past six thousand years can be resolved. It is also the time when the wishes of Jesus, who came to earth as the Son of God for all humanity, can be fulfilled. Moreover, it is the moment when people can truly love for the first time since their creation, and receive respect, honor and joy from the rest of creation. On that day, all evil will disappear and we will usher in a new era with the bright rays of the ascending sun. Nature will rejoice, everything in the universe will dance with joy and we will welcome a bright new morning, the new morning of victory. (19-106, 1967.12.31) (CSG Book 5 Chapter 2, Section 2 – 15)


Guidelines for the Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day Registration Blessing Ceremony

“Today, we are living in the era of a great, historic revolution of heaven and earth. It is the revolution through which we must change the course of history, unite the spiritual and physical worlds and establish the Ideal Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, which Heavenly Parent has longed to see since the time of the Creation. This cannot be postponed or prolonged. Heaven has already proclaimed Foundation Day on the 13th day of the 1st month (by the heavenly calendar) in 2013. This day was indeed the very first day and starting point of Cheon Il Guk as a substantial reality.”

-From the speech delivered at the “Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind who, as Heavenly Parent’s Embodiment, Proclaim the Word”

Significance of the Foundation Day Providence

  1. Holy Wedding Ceremony of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind
  2. Coronation of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind of truth, holiness and virtue in Cheon Il Guk
  3. Proclamation of the founding year of Cheon Il Guk
  4. Forgiveness and love; a day of the inheritance of tremendous grace and heavenly fortune for a new beginning – Foundation Day Holy Wine and the Royal Seals
  5. Cheon Il Guk Foundation Day Registration Blessing
  6. The first day of the substantial Cheon Il Guk, leading toward the ideal of One Family of Humankind under Our Heavenly Parent
  7. The day of creating a new era and a new environment under Heaven’s dominion

Significance and Value of the Foundation Day Registration Blessing Ceremony for Blessed Families

  1. On the foundation of the Holy Wedding Ceremony and Coronation Ceremony of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind
  2. This Blessing Ceremony is to register us as our Heavenly Parent’s direct children and Cheon Il Guk citizens in the family register
  3. This Blessing is received from True Parents, who are the embodiment of our Heavenly Parent.
  4. This Blessing is received in the position before the commandment not to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was given.
  5. This Blessing Ceremony is held in the position of having returned to the original Garden of Eden where there is no original sin, fallen nature or self-centered consciousness
  6. Our course from now is to inherit and resemble Heavenly Parent’s True Love (the Four Great Realms of Heart)

Participants : All Blessed Couples

  1. Couples who did not receive the Registration Blessing on Foundation Day during the years 2013 – 2016
  2. Those Blessed Families that didn’t participate in the Registration Blessing Ceremony in 2016 or later.

Qualifications : To Receive this Blessing We Must Offer the Sincerest Jeongseong of Our Life

  1. Jeongseong : Hoon Dok Hae and Bows
  2. Foundation Day Special Donation of Gratitude : the amount offered is based on the providential number 13 and is a family offering
  3. Education : Divine Principle Education, True Parents’ Life Course, etc.
  4. Ancestor Liberation : Cheongpyeong Ancestor Liberatio

When to Attend : During the Anniversary of True Father’s Universal Seonghwa

During the years 2013 to 2016 the Registration Blessing was held on Foundation Day, on 1.13 by the Heavenly Calendar. However, according to True Parents’ instructions, from 2017 it will be held during the celebrations marking the anniversary of True Father’s Universal Seonghwa.

 Meaning of the Holy Wine Ceremony

You inherited a lineage defiled by the Fall; therefore, you need to change your lineage. Without doing that you cannot rid yourself of original sin, and without ridding yourself of original sin you cannot rise to the level where you can receive the Blessing and become true children. That is how the Principle operates. The Holy Wine Ceremony is the ceremony to change your lineage, and it thereby removes the original sin that occurred at the Fall. In other words, it is a ceremony to transform your flesh and blood. (CSG Book 11 Chapter 3 Section 1, 12)

The fact that you participated in the Holy Wine Ceremony means that you received the blood of the Blessing. It means that you are joined in a relationship with True Parents through their love, life and lineage. Consequently, you have become True Parents’ kin. It is a ceremony of Blessing when my blood is infused into a person who otherwise would be destined to die. In other words, my blood is transfused into that person so that that person carries my blood. It is only when you drink the holy wine that I can bless you. In distributing the blood of the True Parents, the order of the Holy Wine Ceremony is that the woman drinks the holy wine first. Likewise, when receiving the Blessing, the woman precedes the man. The woman drinks half the cup of holy wine first. (CSG Book 11 Chapter 3 Section 1, 13)

Procedure of the Holy Wine Ceremony

  1. First, the candidates will bow to True Parents’ representative couple
  2. True Mother’s representative will give a holy wine cup to True Father’s representative.
  3. When the wife receives the cup from the officiator, she offers a bow. She then drinks half of the cup and then hand it over to her spouse.
  4. The husband offers a bow to his spouse and then receive the cup. He then would drink the remaining wine, bow to his spouse again and return the cup.
  5. The wife bows to the officiator and then return the cup.
  6. Finally, the officiator will return the cup to True Mother’s representative.
  7. After receiving the cup, there will be an offertory prayer.

< Hands position while receiving the prayer >
True Mother representative’s left hand palm must face the sky. Then, the husband (one of the couple receiving the holy wine)’s right hand palm must face the sky. On top of the husband’s hand, place the wife’s right hand which is facing the ground will cover the husband’s hand. On top of the wife’s hand, the husband’s other hand, facing the ground, will cover the wife’s hand. Above, the wife’s left hand palm which is facing the ground, will cover husband’s left hand. On top of that, the representative of True Father’s right hand, facing the ground, will cover wife’s left hand.

 Indemnity Stick Ceremony

Meaning of the Indemnity Stick Ceremony

When we consider the actions of Tamar, she risked her own life in order to fulfill the providence of God. Father also risked his life in the same way. Jacob fought with the angel, risking his life. Even though his thighbone was broken, he did not let go of the angel all through the night. What does that signify? The thighbone has to be struck. Adultery was committed using the thighbone in a wrongful way, wasn’t it? Thus, the Unification Church holds the indemnity stick ceremony after the Blessing. What is that ceremony for? Where do you strike? The lower part of the body is hit. Wasn’t that the area that was misused? Why would I suggest such a thing? We have no choice in this matter. (214-225, 1991.2.2)

All men and women in human history have misused the hipbone, and thus man has resentment against woman and woman against man. Without dissolving this resentment, you cannot stand as an original couple. Since this resentment came about through woman, the man hits the woman first. The three strikes represent three stages and three ages.

(1) The fall was caused of misuse of bottom. Therefore the indemnity stick ceremony is to restore this. This ceremony is paying indemnity for the past mistakes by hitting husband and wife, who is representing God.

(2) By restoring the fault of Adam and Eve, you are pledging to live a happy life in front of God, True Parents, fellow families, and senior couples.

(3) The three strikes represent three stages and three ages.

Procedure of the indemnity stick ceremony
* With gratitude and dignity

(1) Bow to God and True Parents.
(2) Husband hit his wife 3 times.
(3) Wife hit husband 3 times.
(4) Husband and wife bow to each other.
* Caution: hit upper part of a bottom.

40 day jeongseong separation period

2nd generation

A period through which the newly Blessed Couple offer gratitude to Heaven of allowing them to become a couple through the Blessing

1st generation

a.Standing in the position of the archangel and Eve before starting the Three-day Ceremony.

b.The Separation period is one through which the couple establish their vertical relationship with Heaven before establishing a relationship with one another.

After the marriage Blessing ceremony, the 40-day period of sanctification corresponds to Fathers 40year course. You must pass over the number 40. In the course of restoration, the Returning Lord arrived 4,000 years after Jacob’s time. In the Principle the number 40 connects to passing over this 4,000-year period. Indemnity must be paid centering on love. By overcoming this 40-day hurdle of connecting to God, a connection of love finally can be made. This is to indemnify the 4,000 years of history, the period from Adam to Jesus, the purpose of which was to establish God’s love on earth.

God raised up Jacob, but it was another 4,000 years until the Returning Lord could find love and the ideal couple. That was the only purpose. Therefore, this period of 40 days is the time for establishing a condition of indemnity by yearning for the heavenly kingdom and focusing on the whole of God’s Will. This is not the time to think about your wife or husband. A couple must offer this devotion together, for the sake of God’s kingdom and His Will. During the 40 days you are not to have conjugal relations. You can begin married life after the 40-day period is over. (090-133, 1976/12/21) (CBG Book 4 Chapter 1 Section 3, 7)

 Preparation for starting a family

Below is a sample course in preparation for starting family. Preparations may vary according to the region. Please receive guidance from your Blessed Family Regional Leader

2nd Generation

  1. 40 Days JeongSeong Period: 40 day-period wherein you and your couple offer conditions beforestarting a family. Please refer to the 40 days JeongSeong Hoondok guide workbook!
  2. Prep School for Blessed Couple: A program for the new blessed couples before they start a family. This helps you in preparing your life as a True Couple, centered on Heavenly Parent and True Parents. It also helps you in creating a happy future with your spouse.
  3. Education for Starting Family: This program is offered to all the newly Blessed Couples who are about to start family. It gives assistance to the couple as they receive permission from Heavenly Parent and True Parent in living a life of Absolute Sex together with their spouse. It also gives assistance to them in preparation for having children

Newly Blessed 2nd Gen Couples who go through the 40 days JeongSeong Period, Prep School for Blessed Couples, and Education for Starting a Family, can be able to start family life in a sacred manner and in a righteous way.

1st Generation

Korean-Korean Couple

  1. 40 Days JeongSeong Period: Please refer to the 40 days JeongSeong Hoondok guide workbook!
  2. Prep School for Blessed Couples
  3. Education for Starting Family

International Couple

  1. 40 Days JeongSeong Period: Please refer to the 40 days JeongSeong Hoondok guide workbook!
  2. Education for Husbands Before Starting Family
  3. 33 Days Wives’ Appointed District Education for International Blessed Couple

(Prep School for Blessed Couple and Education for Starting a Family are included in the 33 days period.)

  1. Church Mission Work for 1month: Wives only

All the 1st Gen Blessed Couples need to go through the processes mentioned above in order to receive benediction from the district head for starting family.

For detailed information, please contact your FFWPU Family Assistant Director/ District Director/ District Pastor.