Asia / Jan 29th

  Prepared by UPF Nepal Around 1,200 people including Member
Europe / Jan 29th

Czech Republic: Peace Blessing and Valentine Ball in Prague

  Prepared by FFWPU Czech Republic  On the occasion of
Africa / Jan 28th

  Prepared by FFWPU Angola In the Providence of the
Europe / Jan 28th

Albania: International Blessing Preparation Workshop

  By Franz & Patricia Kerschbaummayr, FFWPU Albania We would
Europe / Jan 28th

IRFF Norway visits Albania

  By Knut Holdhus, FFWPU Albania Roswitha Johansen, assisted by
Europe / Jan 28th

Russia: Workshop “My True Self”

    Prepared by FFWPU Russia We held a workshop
Europe / Jan 28th

Spain: Bye Bye 2018

    By Francesca Stabile, FFWPU Spain On December 29th
Europe / Jan 28th

Poland: International Second Generation Winter Workshop

  By Daria Kral, FFWPU Poland We have conducted an
Europe / Jan 28th

Germany: Hyo Jeong Cultural Festival at the HARP Winter Workshop

  By Kazuha Canak, FFWPU Germany I was immensely delighted
Europe / Jan 28th

Czech Republic: Blessing at a Catholic Church

  By Martin Masner, FFWPU Czech Republic We were able
Europe / Jan 28th

Czechoslovak HARP Winter Workshop

  Focusing on movement beginnings in Czechoslovakia By Laurenc Klas,
Africa / Jan 25th

Senegal: Inauguration of Youth and Students for Peace

  by Kenta Kishi, YSP Senegal On January 19, 2019,